Karma comes back to bite Taylor + Another good win

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One of the best second half’s i have seen in a long, long time secured another win in an unbeaten run that is the longest since the amazing 49 game run of the ‘invincibles’.

That is quite some run from a team that has been citicized as much as this one.

I need to start off on a sour note or three though.

Stephen Taylor.

Why was he not at least carded for that horrible assault on Andrey Arshavin? *one look, two look, THWACK!!* It was disgraceful and all we got was a free kick? The way it has been brushed under the carpet yet again by match analysts is criminal as well. My next gripe is with Lawro, he called spitting ‘the worst thing in football’ when having a dig about ‘spitgate’.

  • I would rather be spat on than have Stephen Taylor’s elbow swung in my face like Arshavin.
  • I would rather be spat on than have my leg snapped into little bits like Eduardo.

Rant over.

In the first half yesterday i was pretty nervous, we did not really get a hold in the game and when Almunia had a penalty awarded against him (one of the softest i have seen this season), i was really nervous. The turning point probably came when he saved it, he is a renowned penalty saver and does not get enough credit for that. He has won us penalty shoot outs in the FA Cup before and saved one at a pivotal point in a NL derby from what i can remember.

Despite his assault Stephen Taylor was doing a good job of being a right pain in the arse to our strikers, he saved a couple of dead cert goals whilst ‘keeper Harper was in inspired form as well. Before the game i thought it would be down to whether we can score more goals than Newcastle who will put up a good fight due to their league position, it is stating the obvious but what i mean is that emphasis will be on how good our attacking unit functions because i was pretty sure we would concede with our defence looking very uncomfortable at times.

Then Bendtner stood up in the face of his critics and buried a fantastic header, he has so much potential and some people need to realise it, if you are going to earmark a player to spring a big surprise next season it could well be him. He had another very good game up front.

In typical style we then conceded due to a defensive cock up, maybe there was something in the water yesterday? Man Utd were dire in defending, as were Chelsea.

Then it was Abou Diaby’s time to silence the ever growing group of critics with one of his stunning runs encapsulated with a brilliant finish, it was like his run against Villa but more central. He picked up the ball near the center circle, played a one-two with Van Persie and blundered forward, finishing it with aplomb. The boy has bounds of talent but he is far to erratic at the moment, this goal came after a horrible first half where he was managing to pass pinpoint balls through two Arsenal players to a barcode. That sure takes talent.

A couple more minutes later it was Nasri’s turn after being played through by RVP again, he finished it brilliantly at the near post after another great game. Again, next season he could be a quite brilliant player, he has notched seven goals so far in his first season and at 21 that is impressive.

The team is really starting to click but now we have to go two weeks without another game, and what effect will that have on the team? So far this season we have been very poor after international breaks (Fulham) and we can’t afford to let this one knock us out of our stride, with things really looking up there are murmurings of the title which i think is ludicrous but it shows what this season really could have been. We have Adebayor, Fabregas and Walcott to come back after the international break and with those players not jetting off on international duty it will be a big bonus, things are really starting to look up for this side. There is a sense that this season we can win something, i feel something i have not felt in a long time, a trophy could really be on its way.

The wry little smile has returned to the face of Arsene Wenger and the players really look like they are enjoying themselves. I think it has been a year since we have been playing like this, when we threw the title away last season with a run of draws we were not the same despite murdering Derby 6-2 or whatever it was, we struggled a bit in every game after that. Now, this team looks rehabilitated, and hungry.

This team is capable of special things i am sure. When were we last confident of saying that without getting ridiculed?

The sun’s out, the Arsenal have won. We have two big trophies to play for. Lets savour the moment.

’til tomorrow


2 Responses to “Karma comes back to bite Taylor + Another good win”

  1. Bendtner as the whole Arsenal team needs a lot of encouragement if they aren’t quite getting this from the fans. As Van Persie said in his post match interview, football requires a great deal of mental strength to match the technique and tactics of a team.

  2. what a test of character after newcastle’s equalizer. a good game but I think next month will define our season. we cld still meet chelsea 3times, same wit man utd & we cld still meet liverpoo

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