Theo won't be back for a long time + barcodes team news & preview

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Saturday at last. Heavenly.

As most of you probably know now we drew Villarreal in the next round of the Champions League and whilst its not the toughest tie around, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be a walk in the park.

Spain is a tricky place to go and Villarreal made it really tough work in 2006. The matches should be very entertaining and i really can’t wait for the next round of the Champions League to kick off. Potentially we may have a tie with Man Utd in the semi-final, couple that with a potential FA Cup final at Wembley the old sparring day’s might just be returning. All shall be revealed in due course.

Soon after the smiles on many fans faces was well and truly wiped off with the news that Theo Walcott’s knee ‘locked and swelled up’ after training yesterday. Wenger said:

“We are surprised and worried.

“He locked his knee so it could be a cartilage problem. He did it walking back from training. He was fully normal during training but maybe it only came out when he stopped. We have to see how he responds today and I hope it’s not really serious.”

It really is awful news because not only will it be a big body blow for him after sitting out for the past four months, but he is a massive part of our squad. We can’t just replace the pace he gives us and the threat he carries. Lets hope its not as bad as it first looks and he is back fighting fit after the international break. We can hope can’t we?

Wenger has been talking up the clubs protocol regarding players that are out injured and not in the squad. He fines players that are not present at match-days when they are not picked in the squad, and he has no problem with them being on the pitch afterwards.

Phil permaBrown does but does anybody really care?

Wenger said:

“Why? You know, you want the team spirit, you want the players to be together, you want the players who do not play to be happy, as well, and to share it with the players who played. And, on the other side, you cannot say that they do not turn up, they are sitting behind me. I think [it is part of the captain’s job].”

I 100% agree with the protocol because they are paid members of Arsenal FC, and therefore (unless they have special permission ie. Cesc, Eduardo) should be present. Arsenal is a football team, the clue is in the name.

Moving on to the game later tonight and we have the news that Eduardo is in the squad and Almunia is expected to start. The front two should be made up of Robin Van Persie and Niklas Bendtner, supported by Nasri and Arshavin with Song and Denilson in midfield. The back four will probably be Sagna, Clichy, Gallas and Toure. I do not think there will be any suprises, Eduardo might get a run out later on but as he only just scraped into the squad i don’t think he will be risked if we don’t need him on the pitch.

We will be up against one man that has made a few tackles this season that might rile a fair few people, as he is English it has hardly been mentioned but take a peek at this.

Anichebe is so lucky his leg is not in three or four pieces. Suffice to say he is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury sustained from that very ‘tackle’. What ban did Nolan get?

3 games.

Three. Games.

Three poxy games. He deserves a prison sentence for that, that is a problem the FA have to sort out but let me just say that if it was Bendtner or Eboue doing that they would probably be chased out the country by a skinhead mob.

We will be roughed up, kicked and probably barged around but we should have enough in the tank to see them off. Once again an early goal is very important, if we get that all important goal we could have quite a healthy goal tally on our side but if we don’t the nerves might start to sneak in. We can’t drop points like this at this vital stage of the season. Lets crank the pressure up on Villa again. They play Liverpool and we have to sieze the chance of perhaps pressing home an advantage.

This makes very welcome reading indeed. Are people starting to side with us at last?

On that bombshell i will leave you; enjoy the game – if you need a stream there will be a fair few here.

Til tomorrow and up the Gunners!


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