Big Al returns, Brown charged by FA + CL QF draw

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Happy Friday; its going to be an important day as we find out our path for the rest of this seasons CL.

Straight on to the first bit of teamnews for the barcodes at the weekend, Manuel Almunia should start after shaking off his injury from that despicable excuse for a man at the weekend. Meanwhile Cesc Fabregas and Eduardo have returned to full training once again and just miss out so they will be back for sure after the international break which is fantastic news for the team.

Now…the draw for the Champions League. I would love to avoid all English sides, both because they will be the hardest to beat and it would really piss of Platini and Blatter. If we see two all English ties we know the draw has been fixed.

I would just love to get Porto so we can give them another beating at the Emirates, it would be the best tie out there to get but something deep down inside me says we will get Liverpool again. I don’t know why but its just a gut feeling i have, hopefully its just something Ive eaten because if we did pull Liverpool we would be really up against it. I’m kind of hoping if we are going to get a really tough one that we get Barcelona because i think we can beat them, i really do.

I’m going to tell you something now and i can assure you it is 100% true, its as true as true can get. I was sitting on the toilet having a little daydream and i had this vision in my mind of Cesc slotting a last minute penalty in the back of the net in the Nou Camp. Take from that what you will.

The orange man of the moment Phil Brown has been handed a fine by the FA for a separate event a few weeks/months ago. I have a short message for him.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Take that you orange ear-set wearing bung taking big mouthed muppet.

Gloating out the way… we really could do with a nice draw in the CL because it takes the pressure off us a little bit in the FA Cup, it would be nothing short of a disaster to draw Chelsea in both cup competitions because they have  inflicted pain on us before in these competitions. No team can be under-rated at this stage but you really would fancy us to go through if we got pitched against Villarreal or Porto, we could beat Bayern Munich as well but their confidence will be running sky high after the tonking they gave Sporting Lisbon.

I will say it again though, i would love to play against Barca again – and knock them out with Cesc Fabregas scoring the winning goal with a Hleb own goal preceding it.

It might just be destiny. Later on we will find out. The draw is at 11am GMT so keep eyes peeled around that time.

My thoughts will be on twitter at some point so stop by for a chat.

Til tomorro’ and may the draw be lucky.


14 Responses to “Big Al returns, Brown charged by FA + CL QF draw”

  1. Beating Newcastle will be quite significant. They gave Utd a mighty scare so we should not take them lightly. I hope Wenger chooses a good team that is determined to get a positive result at all costs.

    No team in CL is easy to be honest. If we are to get any english team, I’d rather we get Liverpool. We have a score to settle from last season against them. I would be most annoyed though if Utd and/or Chelsea escaped with easier draws again. Then I would think the draw has been rigged also.

    Hahaha loving the whole Cesc to score the winning goal/Hleb own goal. I would happily settle for a Hleb own goal as the winning goal. I wonder if he and more so Flamini are regretting leaving Arsenal!! Can’t seem to hear either of them making a significant impression for their current teams.

    Should arsenal seek compensation from another football club. Its a topic of my latest blog post. Something different and random compared to other posts. Would be interesting to hear your views mate.

  2. I would prefer Barca as well esp with them losing their unstoppable form and i hope cesc would be fit to play… anyways like i was saying, Hleb losing to his old club would be terrific because leaving ALL CROWDED ENGLAND for RURAL barcelona is a smart move and being a bench warmer is BETTER. It will show him how big of a mistake it was for him to leave

  3. Liverpool, God forbid, Hleb knws it already he messed up his career

    however, with our senior players back, not team can stand infront of us

  4. i have a gut feeling we are going to draw chelsea.
    wont be that bad though if manu draw barca n liverpool get bayern.

    we have already beaten chelsea at stamford beidge n i dont think we can beat liverpool in the cl if stvieg and torres are fit.

    hope we get porto or villareal.

    by the way at what time is the draw

  5. dude i hav da same gut feelin as u man, LIVERPOOL it is !!!

  6. here comes the draw (it is a dream)
    Arsenal Vs. Barca
    first leg at Emirates
    second leg at Nou………

    Arsenal 1 barca 0
    barca 0 arsenal 0
    Cumulative result= arsenal 1 barca 0

  7. dream on y’all if u must but I’d rather we meet any team coz @ some point we’ll meet them if we are to win this competitn anyways. but honestly I think chelsea won’t b a bad one coz I strongly believe they cant match us. it might jst b d fear factor bcos of what they’ve done to us in d past that’s makin pple fear them but our team is getting stronger than ever & it really beats me that Arshavin is ineligible for the CL. I wnt mind any foreign team either coz they dont normaly win in London. I simply cant wait.

  8. Its Villarreal!!

  9. el madrigal it is, the first leg then we finish ’em off @ d emirates.

  10. hopefully, its in our hands i think. A lot depends on our away performance as to whether we can get a goal. They are a very good side.

  11. el madrigal is a small compact ground, not many teams score there. it will be difficult to get a good passing game going there.saying that paniathiakos scored there so i don’t see why shouldn’t!

  12. It has changed a fair bit recently, they have rebuilt quite a lot of it

  13. Yo goon blogger, I have emailed you bro…Make sure you reply

  14. will do man, im working atm

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