I have a feeling Arshavin will start + Ro-sicky again

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These games are coming along rather fast and this is another game i am confident of winning, but as we know Hull can pull off suprises.

Just remember back to that very, very dull September evening.

It is the FA cup so Almunia will be on the bench, (he is injured anyway after that goal molester nearly snapped his ankle), Gibbs is set to start with Ramsey not being involved due to tiredness. At his age they really do have to watch out for that, it does sound a bit of a ‘soft’ excuse but from personal experience pushing yourself too far in your younger years can hold you back for the rest of your life.

Eduardo misses out again due to that groin injury which is a shame.

The biggest doubt is over Arshavin who had to have eight stitches into his foot at half time against Blackburn, apparently he is ‘desperate’ to play:

“Arshavin had eight stitches in his foot but he is still in the squad we will make a decision tomorrow. He is desperate to be involved. He just wants to play. He couldn’t practice today but we’ll assess him tomorrow morning.”

I have a feeling he will start, he comes across as a player that would play with one leg if he had too. Injuries like that tend to be alright after 24/48 hours and by tomorrow night the pain should have subsided almost entirely, they can always give him an injection to make it a little less painful on the off chance it could still hurt.

One player that will probably shine will be 20 year old Theo Walcott and Wenger has been singing his praises from the rooftops. There have been times when his development has really had question marks over it but at the tail end of last season he really started to shine and that England hat-trick has transformed him into a hell of a player. It really is amazing what a little confidence can do and this Arsenal side are buzzing with it at the moment. Back to Theo, and Wenger said:

“Compared to one year ago there is no comparison,That is what people have problems to accept because at that age every three months you improve. You can never predict how much he will improve but there is still a lot more to come from Theo. He had a good start [against Blackburn] and he became stronger and stronger,” continued Wenger. “He gives us something which is important as well when we play at home when he goes behind the defenders. He creates room and has a direct game. We need that. I don’t know [how big a player he will be in the rest of the season] but it’s important to have him back because he gives you something that can make a difference in any game.”

His pace gives defenders nightmares and in a one on one situation there are two outcomes, Theo goes flying past the defender or the defender clatters Theo and takes him down. He is a player that defenders do not like to see on the teamsheet.

One rather amusing comment by Wenger was on Diouf’s attempted assault on Almunia with Wenger admitting if it had been Jens in goal he would have headbutted Diouf:

“I spoke to him about it at half time of course. I had some experience with Jens Lehmann before – I think he would’ve headbutted him [if he was on the end of that sort of tackle].

That would be one thing i would have paid to see, this moment still cracks me up!

Good ‘ol Jens, a legend!

Just before i leave you there is some sad news about Thomas Rosicky who has suffered another two week setback. He is due to be back after two weeks after the two weeks after the two weeks. Another two weeks after that he will return to training. Seriously, i hope he does recover because he is a fantastic player and it would be a real shame for everyone for his career to end on such a sour year.

Good luck Thomas, you can return.

Right, heres to a good win tonight and our boys visiting the overpriced show ground in the West for the first time!

Up the Gunners!

’til tomorrow.


5 Responses to “I have a feeling Arshavin will start + Ro-sicky again”

  1. mad jens. truly what a keeper!!! just love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cld u pls xplain rosickys situation in clear terms cos i wnt 2 undastand dat by ur calculation dats 8mths and dat wl b sickening 4 such a fantastic player

  3. Mad Jens. haha. Good times.

    As for ‘ol sick note, its hardly surprising.

    Anyhoo, I cant wait for tonights game, its good the team is being rotated as it is, we’re getting to see the best of both worlds this way.

    Come on your gooooooonneerrrsss

  4. Diouf…

    These games are coming along rather fast and this is another game i am confident of winnin […]…

  5. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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