Spurs do us a favour + Wenger building a younger 'invincibles' side?

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Its Monday…again.

Who would have guessed it? Darren Bent and Jermain Jenas do the Arsenal a favour!

Aston Villa have hit a catastrophic run of form and have gone from being minutes from an eight point lead over Arsenal to being dead level on points and behind on goal difference. What a turnaround we have seen, the thing is the best is probably yet to come. This season could just be the most important in Arsene Wengers reign, the once pampered youth have been let out into the big wide world and it looks like they are coming through it bigger and better players.

Take Denilson for example, i have been very supportive of him this season and he has got a hard time from some blogs and fans. Last season he had made only a couple of appearances because of injury and over the course of the summer had become a first choice central midfielder with only just over 20 appearances for the club.  Sounds stupid really, but he has had some immense performances and is well on the way to being Cesc’s long term partner. His compatriot Alex Song seems to have turned a corner in his Arsenal career as well, he is a year or so older but was in a similar situation to Denilson at the start of the season. The last nine months might just have been the making of them as players.

I am really starting to see the light, and why the boss has been so protective of the players and reticent to add to the squad. Arshavin could well be the missing link we have been craving, no matter what the so called experts think. I am of the opinion we need cover now, not replacements for players.

I’m getting carried away now so i will stop there, im excited about what this team can do. They have given us so many glimpses over the last season and a half, it has been tough for the past three quarters of a year but i can see what Wenger see’s.

Things are looking up and we have two big cup’s to try and win. Good times after the season was looking so very bleak a matter of weeks ago.

After a fantastic performance yesterday Andrei Arshavin has been given a bucket-load of compliments by Wenger who claims we have been missing a player like him with Hleb sold last summer and Rosicky injured for well over a year now:

“I like players like him who, in the final third, can give you hope and create something you don’t expect. I felt we needed that with the players we have and with the type of game we like to play.”

I think he is a mixture between Bergkamp and Pires from what i have seen, he has the goals of Pires with the vision and eye for a pass that Bergkamp has. Add that with pace and he is almost the perfect player, every time he is on the ball i am excited and i don’t think i have felt that since Henry. I’m not comparing him to the big man but he has that kind of aura around him when he has the ball.

He puts in extrordonary effort as well according to the boss:

“He has worked hard. I think he’s quite surprised how hard he’s worked. But I think he is a man of challenges. To leave St Petersburg, where he was the star, and to go to England at 28 years of age and to say ‘okay, I want to start it all again’, you need to have character and to like challenges.”

I get the impression he has stickability and wont run off if any team comes calling for him, you can tell he has struck up a good relationship with the players already and they know what he can do and where he likes to go.

I have a feeling we have a special player here.

Meanwhile the rumours about Kolo’s future refuse to go away, the media really do like causing trouble don’t they? I just wish our players did not give them any ammo to create crap stories with because it was Adebayor last summer, Van Persie with his new contract, (fair play he has since said he is going nowhere), continuous doubts over Cesc (who has also repeatedly said he is staying put) and now its Kolo.

Right, happy post today! Enjoy your day at the workhouse or wherever you may be.

’til tomorrow and up the Gunners.


3 Responses to “Spurs do us a favour + Wenger building a younger 'invincibles' side?”

  1. i think wenger had always been building a new younger side, but to answer the invisible part of that question is gradual. he young players are maturing, some more than others, some less than others.

    fyi. arshavin was god-like me thinks.

  2. To say Arshavin is a mixture of Pires and Bergkamp is praise of the highest order. Time will tell whether he makes even half the impact those two legends made. If you remember it took Pires a whole season to get used to the Prem and we know what he did after that..The difference though is Arshavin should put in sterling performances consistently and do this quicker since he is at the very peak of his game at the right age.

  3. I don’t think Hleb brought anything to this side except a few performances but to say that Pires left a void, then you’re spot on and Arshavin really does loo like the player to fill that void.

    Also, yes we do need cover and we need some in defense, at least one more quality, dependable CB to say the least.

    Things look good at present standpoint but once should not count their chickens before they hatch. We have to take it one game at a time.

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