In Arshavin we have the real deal + Eboue redemption

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Our pint sized Russian looks like one hell of a player doesn’t he?

Ive said this before, he is the only player in the Arsenal squad that when he is running at people i think ‘he can beat this man’. There is no other player i have that sort of confidence in. He can be our Ronaldo, Gerrard or Lampard, he can really be the shining light in this team ahead of Fabregas and Van Persie. He really does have a rare talent and it is a shame he has only just come to light in his mid to late twenties. Here are his goals and the two goals from our Ivorian goal machine. Yes, its Emmanuel Eboue.

Catch the highlights here.

Arshavin’s second goal, (or first depending on your opinion of the goal after 2 minutes), was one of the purest quality and class. It was truly out of this world and you just sense that the confidence is returning to this side at just the right time. They seem tougher, stronger and really ready for the last few months of this season that can still be a massive success.

On a slightly darker note i thought the fans treatment of Bendtner was disgraceful, at least he was in the positions to get those chances because at the start of the season, or even a month ago, he would not have been in those positions to even have a chance of scoring. I feel the big man was very very unlucky today and credit to the die hard fans that chanted his name when he came off. His game is improving, just look at the pass to Walcott for the first goal. Brilliant.

I want to say this now, El Hadji Diouf is an animal that should not be playing football. He is the most despicable being on the planet, up there with Robert Mugabe in my view. A simply horrible person and one if dearly love to punch, he has a horrible square face with stupid hair. That assault on Almunia could have done serious damage and he warrants a ten game ban for it. Horrible, horrible, horrible, odious little man.

Eboue has been redeemed to a certain extent, he is on four goals this season now and it looks like the fans are starting to side with him again. There is no doubt he is one of the most popular people in the dressing room and the others love him, ‘goal machine Eboue’ as the stadium announcer said is back, and scoring goals.

Now that is something i have never thought i would say.

Wenger was chuffed to meatballs with the performance and it is sure to spread the confidence around the side, we quickly move on to Hull midweek and it may be another chance to keep this scoring run going as they have been far from stable recently and their priorities certainly lie with Premiership survival, though an appearance at Wembley would be welcomed by anyone.

It may well still be our season in two of the worlds biggest competitions, even two weeks ago saying that seemed pretty stupid. It is not so now is it?

Just as we were staring at fifth place misery we are now in fourth (albeit with Villa having a game in hand), but it has changed remarkably.

Its been a day of fours, four goals to nil, fourth place and a fourth goal of the season for our goal machine.

Up the Gunners!

‘Til tomorrow, happy Sunday.

This team is back

This team is back


17 Responses to “In Arshavin we have the real deal + Eboue redemption”

  1. I have decided to print SONG on my shirt. 🙂

  2. Song was awesome!

  3. Yeah.. I think if we need to compete competitively in all 4 competitions next season, we would need to rotate abit, just like how man utd does it.

  4. Hoorah for Arsha! This guy is just sublime, havent seen an Arsenal player with such confidence in a long time. That daring little bastard, a few more performances like that and he’ll take Ronaldo’s throne thats for sure.

    Big up to Song Billong, Deni, Theo, Nasri and Eboue aka African Messi who tore Blackburn to shreds. Great team selection by Le Boss.

  5. song is getting better n better everyday n he will surely partner fabregas with time…..he has the power and intercepts well..i know the first few appearences were tough for him but it now looks like the cameroonian is gettin everything right so far.nasri si looking more dangerous,arshavin is finding his feet again,the team awaits the return of cesc fabregas and with a few summer signings this summer arsenal will definatley be the team to beat come nxt season.

  6. I don’t think we need ANY summer signings. We’ve got a great squad and a bundle of SUPERB youngsters on the fringe of bursting through. We don’t need to pay $32M for the likes of Berbatoss.

  7. Song again showed the Arsenal boo boys what he’s all about, this is what he was doing at Charlton taking the game by the scruff of the neck and dictating play with short and long passing and good all round midfield play.

    Well done Alex !!!!

  8. those older gooners might remember Willie Young, came to the club and was the next big thing. O’neil dropped him after many poor perfomances and he cried merry hell. But man when he came back he was a new player. Point is sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to come up again, and if you can A La Eboue it shows that you have great character. Good on him and Song and Gallas, bodes well for the future

  9. we aretooo good 4 dis really nd wat a play by arsha

  10. eboue will do a hleb.

    hleb was nicknamed the pleb after his shocking season when we lost to psv. the following season he had a good one in helping us challenge for the title, and he swiftly moved on.

    eboue is starting to prove you all wrong, but you will get your chance to have a go at him when he says he wants to go inter. i guess you will forget your boos you gave him, and jus say he is an unloyal *****

  11. I couldn’t believe the tactics of Blackburn last night. that tackle on Almunia was outrageous and not to mention Arshavin’s foot needed 4 stitches? Morten Gamst Pederson should be punished for one of the worst dives in the world and yet the FA will go quiet on the whole affair. Cunts.

    In all fairness though we played some exceptional football and for bendtner, I was actually laughing at one point. jokes aside, he needs some confidence boost asap. Lets hope we keep this form up and with cesc about to comeback into the team, things look good.

    Song and Denilson have really begun to settle in and thank heavens for that.

  12. Yesterday was great, finally winning by a big margin. I wonder what team Arsene will play when Eduardo, Ade, Cesc and dare I say it Rosicky are back. Of course when playing the big teams especially away we might need to play two defensive minded players so Denilson and Song will definitely be right in the mix of things.

  13. Yeaacchhhh….

  14. Arshavin really does seem like all the business! I was most impressed when he clearly said to Theo that the first goal was not his. Knowing other strikers they would be claiming it and then copyrighting it!!

    Song was absolutely amazing yesterday!!! I am not a hardcore Arsenal fan or follower but is he always that good?!!?! (This the same one that was on loan at Charlton a few seasons ago?)

  15. yes he was on loan at Charlton a few seasons back, he has been immense in the past 2 or 3 games and looks to have turned a corner after some very dodgy form this season.

    Its really good to see

  16. Really glad to see that Arsene’s “stubborn” and constant belief in the lads is beginning to bear fruit。I’m sure that most “real” gooners wish deep down that the“ Arsenal way”will prove successful over the next few years。
    I for one,who grew up cheering George Eastham from Highbury’s schoolboys enclosure and graduated to chanting Charlie George’s name from the North Bank,could not bear the cold-hearted cuthroat corporate Chelski ,Manure and Manshit creed at the Grove。
    So,get off Bendtner’s back。
    Let us return to Rome in May to beat Barca,on penalties,of course!

  17. […] In Arshavin we have the real deal + Eboue redemption Our pint sized Russian looks like one hell of a player doesn’t he? Ive said this before, he is the only player […] […]

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