Sorry Kolo but you were wrong + Roma thoughts and Saturday preview

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It has been a while since Tuesday night and i last spoke to you, thanks to Gooner14 for posting a terrific match report on what was an eventful and nerve wracking night to say the least.

I was being updated via text from a friend and i was slaughtered by the time the penalties were being taken, it started off with an ‘Eddie missed, they scored, RVP scored they missed‘. Ten long, long, long minutes later i received a text saying; ‘WE WONNN!!!‘, i proceeded to yell out in joy in the middle of a bar and spark a full blown melee with Sp*rs fans wanting my blood.

Good times.

Very, very, very drunken times.

I am only just feeling well enough to write this after two torturous days of so called ‘education’. Anyway onto the bore we will probably witness this weekend, its down to one man, Sam ‘the bung’ Allardyce.

Blackburn will come with one intent, to get a point and defend as if they were guarding a nuclear bomb in their goal. We will be kicked, barged, fouled and frustrated to the point of wanting to bulldoze the fat bastards, an early goal will be crucial because the longer we go without scoring the more the heavy legs will be felt from Wednesday night.

Eduardo will be missing and we are likely to see a jumbled up team with Arshavin set to start, possibly with Walcott on the other flank with Vela up front alongside Bendtner with RVP likely to drop to the bench and appear later on. There is no guessing his entire eleven as even he admitted he is waiting ’til this morning to decide the team.

Lets hope events on the field are not affected by this from Kolo Toure saying him and Gallas are not friends.

Now, i love Kolo but this was a really, really bad idea. Gallas is not only his team mate he is his central defence partner and we are in a critical phase of this season, it is just not on from a player that is captaining the side at the moment. Im my view his words have been as destructive as Gallas’s were.

Its not like he has been a shining light this season has it?

Wenger has said that it does not matter if they get on or not but he should be telling Kolo to stop spouting his mouth off. We have better things to be doing than talking to the media at this time.

Theo Walcott sends out a warning to Villa who we have to keep the pressure on, they are at home to the Spuds and then have Man Utd and Liverpool looming on the horizon. Its make or break for fourth during those games.

Its imperitive we win tomorrow, i am not confident we will though. We will have a tough task breaking them down so another 0-0 is a distinct possibility…sadly.

Sorry for the poxy length of this once again but i will return after the game with a summary and thoughts on it. Its a 15:00 kick off so keep up to date with my twitter where i will try and post some links kicking about.

Right thats all.



5 Responses to “Sorry Kolo but you were wrong + Roma thoughts and Saturday preview”

  1. I dont understand why kolo toure came out with such nosense at a very crucial part of the season…muppet!!

  2. i’m sorry bt u will find ur prediction inaccurate when RVP scores bcos he always plays well when it’s blackburn regrdless of how d team play. Blackburn have been defending well against us in past seasons with injuries to our players on their account so i am not xpectin dis 1 to b any diffrnt but we’ll come out good. up arsenal!

  3. Actually, one of the teams that I seem to remember Van Persie usually scoring an having an excellent match against is Blackburn, so hopefully he doesn’t prove me wrong. Haha.

    Toure is this season’s Gallas (of last season), potentially detrimental comments and some subpar performances. Just so that everyone knows, by the way, Toure is one of my favourite players, so it is with a heavy heart that I recommend Wenger bench him in favour of Djourou. The partnership between him and Gallas this season has been epic and strong (see Chelsea match), and Gallas is the perfect foil for Djourou.

    But as always, it’s up to Wenger and I have complete faith in him. Also, what does everyone think will happen when Senderos returns? I’m looking forward to seeing him back. He got the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best defenders in the world (Nesta, Maldini, etc.) at AC so hopefully he learns a thing or two.


    RVP scored the header v Fulham

    Diaby scored the header v West Ham

    Arshavin scored in the 5th min v Sunderland

    We WOULD of seen a similar scoreline to today.

  5. i love your predictions mate… they just are so so wrong!!


    Happy Days

    Hope the Villa screw up tomoz!

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