Heed the clubs warning and be careful in Rome Gooners.

In Arsenal FC on March 10, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Only a quick one.

I read today that the club have given every fan travelling to the Roma game a leaflet explaining the places to avoid and warning fans not to travel alone to the game.

Please ensure you stay safe and use the transport the club are providing to and from the airport and train stations, the busses are free if you show your match ticket.

Rome is notorius for hooligans or ‘ultra’s’ as they like to call themselves. They are cunts of the highest order and you need to avoid the hotspots, Manchester Utd fans have been attacked two times within a year there.

Just take care of yourselves and heed the warnings given, we don’t want any deaths or injuries to happen because there is enough of that going on in the world already.


One Response to “Heed the clubs warning and be careful in Rome Gooners.”

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