Can we see the real Arsenal against Roma please

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Hello all, big day ahead.

We have a very good squad out there in Rome but how much will this be a factor?, Arsenal have been delayed and only arrived at 20:00 GMT meaning they have not had a chance to train out on the Roma pitch.

Wenger therefore missed the pre-match press conference but managed to talk to, saying:

“You want to go to Rome and play your own game. What is very important for us is to focus on scoring and going forward because they are a team who are very good going forward. If we allow them to spend 90 per cent of their time doing what they like to do, we expose ourselves. So let’s go there and focus to dictate our game. I think its part of a personality of a team and let’s show that. They will go for it because they know they have to score at least two goals and put us under pressure. It’s down to us to be well-organised and to come out and play our game.”

We have to play to our strengths and use the pace of Walcott to scare them into not throwing everything forward, they are not the most ‘Italian’ or Italian teams because they do like to attack. If we get the first goal i think we will easily go through though i do not want to jinx it!

Wenger seemed pretty cool about the delay and its possible the team had a training session whilst the new jet was being flown in from Paris, there was a 3 hour delay for them. Wenger said:

“We waited for two hours at our training ground, we were not at the airport. At the moment we are still trying to travel but up to now it’s not been too disturbing,”

Hopefully it won’t be a factor, the Roma pitch should be pretty good.

The squad for the game is as follows:


I am not too sure who will start but one of either Eduardo or Walcott is likely to start, preferably Theo because his pace will always be at the back of their mind, though he could have a big impact off the bench with 30 minutes to play. Al,Sag,Clich, Gallas, Toure, Denilson, Nasri, Bendtner and Van Persie are probably all certain starters, ive said Bendtner is because he was rested at the weekend and would have played a part if he was going to bench sit in Rome.

I think we will go through, it might get close and a little squeaky bum like at times but im confident. Lets hope the real Arsenal stands up and gets counted.

Sadly i will miss the game, i will try and catch it in a pub or something but i can’t hold out for it. Im gutted to be honest.

Gooner14 will be here with tomorrow’s update and match reaction.

Right, all you travellers please do take care and heed the warnings, stay safe. It really is dangerous out there.

Til Tomorrow (with Gooner14 at least!)



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