Eduardo or Walcott to start in Rome + Shut it Phil Thompson

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That’s my thinking on it and i think it will be Theo Walcott.

Before i continue i want to apologise for the shortness of this post, I’m tired after 5-a side and mightily pissed off at a crap referee – anyway back to Arsenal.

Eduardo will not start two games in four days, Wenger would just not risk it, but Walcott only got around 25 minutes on Sunday so if any of those will start it will most likely be Theo and with Roma chasing the game, his pace will be a massive threat to their back line and he will force them back. It would be a risk but one worth taking in my opinion, just knowing how fast he is will play on the defenders minds.

Emmanuel Adebayor is out of the Roma game so that means we will probably see Eduardo in a substitute role as Van Persie and Bendtner were rested at the weekend in preparation for this game, they have the potential to cause the Roma defence a lot of problems without the shielding of De Rossi who is a big part of the system they play. I will go into this in more depth tomorrow.

Wenger has spoken about Eduardo’s form since his return and i have been as impressed with his attitude as his finishing skills, i really do think we have a hell of a player on our hands here because he is such an intelligent player, Theo Walcott agrees with this:

“I have learned from watching him while he has been injured, how well he took everything in and how he smiles when he comes in every day. So I am happy for him. As for his finishing, that is ridiculous. It is unbelievable to watch in training. He hasn’t lost his touch and he never will. He is going to score many more like that one on Sunday I hope. He’s a brilliant finisher and we’ve missed that. I think that goal was the best finish I have seen this year so I am very happy for him.”

If every member of that Arsenal squad learnt from Eduardo’s attitude we would have one hell of a squad let me tell you, no moaning, just get out there and get the job done. Football does the talking.

Johann Djourou thinks he can cement a place in the starting eleven after being likened to a ‘young Sol Campbell’ by Kolo Toure. I think he can be that good but the lack of first team action is probably hindering him a bit at the moment. He said:

“Sol was a fantastic player for us, but I think I can do a bit more in terms of being comfortable on the ball and going forward – I’d say the kind of player I could develop into is more like Marcel Desailly. But it’s very nice of Kolo to say that, of course, because Sol Campbell is just a legend! He has everything you need to be a top defender, and he was exactly that for this club. He’s got that aggression and tactical ability, is good in the air and is very strong.”

It is really good to see he is aiming high and he has the potential to be a great defender. The key in that setence is the word potential. I do admit, he will make it if im honest with you. He continued,

“I told myself at the start of the season that I have to work hard even if I’m not first choice because I’m still young, but I think I’ve shown to people that I’m ready for this.”

Experience is key in defenders, lets not forget he is a fully fledged international player and has been for some time now, he is set for big things but i see him waiting behind Gallas and Toure for a while, especially after the run of clean sheets they have had before the WBA game.

This guy needs to shut up and go away, he is pesky, annoying and his bias is so strong its beyond belief. Just put his name into YouTube and you will see what a berk he is.

Transfer speculation about Barnetta.

Thats the lot, Til Tomorrow


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  1. I must say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my IMHO, which could be wrong.
    p.s. You have an awesome template for your blog. Where did you find it?

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