the foundations are set, now we have to build

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Nikky hits back

Nikky hits back

West Brom 1 Arsenal 3

The Hawthorns

Well that was all rather nice wasn’t it! At 1-1 i have to say i was worried but the stream i was using was not helping me one bit, i missed the majority of the first half because of it.

We saw what Niklas Bendtner has the potential to do to defences last night, he was fantastic and fully deserved a hat-trick, sadly he had to settle for the brace. He was a totally different player from normal, he linked up very well with the lively Arshavin and glided past players with ease, his first goal was slightly scuffy but his second was fantastic lashing his shot into the net on the angle.

It was good to see a performance like this from the big man who has 11 goals this season now i think, where have all the doubters gone? Wenger still believes in him:

“It is difficult when you’re a fan of Arsenal you are always comparing the players with people from five, six or 10 years ago. But you have to accept that a guy who is 19 or 20 years old will get better every three months. He has shown tonight he has the talent to be an Arsenal player and he’s on the right path to mature. I liked his presence, his determined attitude and I thought the way he took people on showed he has improved a lot.”

Its really good to see him playing like that, Eboue had a very good game as well and overall it was a good team performance. I’m a happy gooner!

The finishing was not top class but it did the job, it was good to see the chances flowing again and another three or four goals at the weekend could well put the confidence into this side that has been needed for so long.

We are three points behind Villa and tonight is a big night for us, we are not playing but any points dropped by Villa will be more than welcome, its about time we got some luck and im just looking forward to seeing how they react to the pressure they are now under, a few minutes from an 8 point lead has diminished to a 3 point lead in a matter of days.

Remind anyone of this time last season? We have to do what United did then.

Wenger was very happy with his side last night and rightly so, Merida looked good when he came on, along with Ramsey who was fairly busy in the few minutes he got. On ending the goal drought Wenger said:

“It is a strange situation because we have created the same amount of chances as we did tonight in many games but didn’t win. We are on a long unbeaten run since the beginning of November and I still believe that if we had taken our chances in a few of the draws we could still be in the title race. Now, we want to focus on reducing the gap with Aston Villa and maybe other teams.”

The fact is draws have cost us again this season, it may end up much worse than it did last season too. We seem to struggle after Christmas but to be fair, last year and this year have been very tough times for the club, injuries have been pretty rampant. Toure picked up a calf knock and was off at half time, that’s our tight defence blown to pieces!

I don’t know how much more there is to say rather than, thank god for getting some goals because they were needed so badly, we can get fourth, it will take consistency and a slice of luck and they are two things that have been lacking this season, Rosicky is back in a week or so, Theo is back for the weekend maybe along with Eduardo and Adebayor, Cesc is due back the week after that.

Suddenly its all starting to brighten up in the Arsenal world.

Up The Gunners.


8 Responses to “the foundations are set, now we have to build”

  1. I’m not going to go off on a rant or nething like that because a) it was a game we should have won (quite easily) and b)it was West Brom. That said, the goals were VERY welcome and it was friggin great to see the boys play some proper football. Up the Gooners.

    Now down to the nitty-gritty as they say. The turning point in this season has turned, we have no where to go but up. Concerning the table, hell we’ll get 4th place, possibly even 3rd and wish a kiss from an angel 2nd. Aston Villa will slip, their confidence is rocked and they have to still face Man. City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United. Not saying that we don’t have the same challenges in front of us but I would take our chances over theirs and I’ll explain why later on. As for the FA Cup…the tournament is ours for the taking. We should cruse through the quarter finals, have a good challenging match in the semi’s and follow up with a win in the finals no matter the competition-once again I will explain why later.

    Now the Champions League is tricky. Roma will not let us get by them without a fight and I believe our boys will be up for the fight because against bigger clubs…well hell…truth is we always are. As for the next part I was going to say depending on who we have in front of us we have a chance, but at this stage of the competition it really doesn’t matter now does it? Their all club bangers. So with a little, hell…alot of luck can reach the semis as well as finals. Its the Arsenal we’re talking about big games are our bread and butter.

    And finally the injured-dead coming back into the scene. Walcott is just about there, a matter of days, and I expect him to be ready and play. He’s been out a long time and for a young lad such as himself he’ll be itching get back on the pitch and help his team. Eduardo will be back in a week and a half or less and we all know HE WILL PERFORM. It’ll be great to have him as an option becasue we know with a half chance in the box he will score 70% of the time and with a real chance its probably 99.9% going into thright waye back of the net. And oh dear…Tomas Rosicky. I don’t expect him to make an immediate inpact but his presence in the locker room and on the pitch should give the boys more confidence and stabilty and further support Wengerball. We’ve missed Tomas’ pace, experience, skill, passing, stablity, and presence in the midfield for the past year IT WILL BE IMMENSE TO GET HIM BACK! Trust me when I tell you Rosicky will further complete our strive for silverware this season.

    Hmm I seem to be forgetting someone…of course I haven’t forgot Cesc. He’s the cog that makes the Arsenal wheel go around. I cannot state the importance of having Fab back. No he didn’t play amazing the beggining of the year up til’ he got hurt. But this break he’s gotten mentally as well as physically will have recharged his creative battery and allow him to influence games and this squad as he was meant to do. His vision, experience, creativity, linking quality and QUALITY in general will finallycomplete the Arsenal puzzel we’ve all been yearning to see. He and the other players coming back from injury are why we will gain a top four spot. Win the FA Cup. And have a deep run into the CL.

    All they need of us is to believe boys, simply believe. We will do it. They will make us proud. F**kin’ LOVE IT! This is what its all about. GOONER4LYF

    p.s. No I didn’t forget Adebayor but his future contribution to this club is yet to be decided…mostly by him.

  2. settle down lads, that was West Brom remember. I was extatic to see Bendtner step up a level. Eboue s final shot or pass is still well below what is expected at this level.
    One thing that worries me is the general lack of willingness to take players on(Bendtner excepted) If you saw The great run Diaby had at the start of the second half, he is a player I rate, but as the game wore on he went back into his shell like Song and Denilson, I’m thinking that AW is drilling this free expression out of them probably in constant one touch practice sessions.Maybe Rosicky will spark us up in that department.
    All in all it feels like a monkey has been lifted, but one game does not a season make

  3. We beat west brom and some supporters act like we should have a parade.

  4. Dan, I dont think its about beating West Brom. I think its more about the performance of the lads while missing key players. & with them returning any month now we should be back to our best.

    Also I think str8goon is highlighting the fact that silverware is still on the cards for us this season.

    Go the GUNNERS!

  5. remember d caption @ d season’s beginning. Judge us in may. I, for one, believe a lot will happen before d curtains r drawn 4 d season. we might get 4th or even 3rd & stil slip to 5th again. there is d quality but i dnt believe dat applies to all d current members of d squad bcos i have my reservations. it can only get better frm now though at least i wasnt glum all night.

  6. yes we scored goals (and early for once!) and we were quite unlucky i think to concede, but im not convinced. the lads played very well in the first half. but….

    We dominated the opening 15 (especially) of the second half but something still alarms me and that is… the didnt finish any of the chances. The second half was 0-0 i found myself thinking had we versed a team with any competancy whatsover would we of scored at all that game?

    goal 1/ weak shot into bottom left corner
    goal 2/ unmarked header
    goal 3/ unmarked control and shot.

    Im not trying to take anything away from the finishes,buildup play, the win or the performance on the whole becuae at times it was breathtaking, but really, we should of scored at least a couple more in the second half. our lack of finishing is a killer and has been all season. cant wait for eddy to come back. i just found myslf feeling dejavu. in the second half i found myself thinkin back to saturday seeing all this brilliant play but the score locked at 0-0. when the second half ended i was relieved at the win, but not elated.

    I know it is a game of 2 halves and all that yada yada they did the job in the 1st half etc.. i dunno…hopefully this will open the floodgates and we start scoring for fun again but based on the 2nd half scoreline of 0-0 im not *yet* convinced.. just my 2 cents.

    cant wait til next premier league game

  7. rob…goals are goals
    at this point we cant expect every goal to be a contender 4 goal of the season. the team performed (albeit against west brom) and the 3 points are ours. just because we didnt score a particularly difficult goal doesnt mean we dont have that capability. after this win and the confidence and goals start to come back so will the firecrackers.

  8. Fair point and i agree with that 100%
    by all means i dont care how the ball goes in as long as it does! my concern is more that chances that shuld of been finished off (particuluarly in 2nd half) were missed and that (at least to me) doesnt convince me that we are out of our goalscoring drought. in my opinion the goals we scored may not have come at all against better opposition. confidence is an interesting thing though, so lets see how they do next game.

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