Special: The Lahore tragedy shows sport is not immune from terrorists – A tribute to the dead

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Catch these bastards

Catch these bastards

This is not a political blog but the attacks in Lahore have really incensed me, so much i felt that i have to write about it, these cowardly, crazed, moronic and plain evil terrorists need to be caught.

I think its right to say before i really get into this my thoughts are with the families who have suffered losses, notably the six brave policemen who may have saved the lives of the Sri Lanka cricket team. The match fourth referee is currently in intensive care and i wish him all the best.

The driver also deserves a special mention because it seems the plan was for the terrorists to shoot out the tires and storm the team bus, he had the nerve to carry on driving despite being shot at. He saved lives.

Seven players have suffered injuries, i think a player has been shot in the leg and several have had shrapnel removed from their head, neck, chest and arms.

I find it despicable that sport can be targeted in such a way, its supposed to bring people together and there was no motive for the terrorists apart from publicity.

I find it really really sad that people in this world can commit such atrocities, it was Mumbai not so long ago, the Marriott hotel before that and they are the only high profile incidents, there have been plenty more.

There are far to many haters in this world.

The injuries to the sportsmen will no doubt overshadow the hero’s on this occasion, survivors were lucky.

There is a black stripe across the blog’s header out of respect to those who have died.

Lets not let the bastards win, we are bigger, braver and stronger than they are.

This is not an attack on just cricket, or sport, or a country, its a crime against humanity as far as I’m concerned, i hope they rot in hell for what they have done.

Once again, my thoughts are with those families who have lost loved ones. They died heroes.


8 Responses to “Special: The Lahore tragedy shows sport is not immune from terrorists – A tribute to the dead”

  1. R.I.P

  2. this is a sad day for sports and this is truly a sad day for cricket on the whole. I can’t believe some people stoop to this level, I am at an utter loss for words. All I can say is may GOD help the families of those that laid down their lives to protect the players.

  3. May their souls rest in peace.

  4. I never thot they wud actually attack sportsmen .. i was proved wrong .. i wish they all rot in hell … and lets us take a second to pray for the people to sacrificed their lives to save some of the most gifted cricketers in the world

  5. All i know that it was a cowardly act and it was expected. May Allah mercy on us and give courage to the families of police officers who died in this attack and May Srilankan players get well soon. AMin

  6. shocking. may their souls rest in peace

  7. Having lived in Lanka and played cricket there with friends I know this not only immediately impacts the players, support and police involved. While it is just a sport, in times of trouble sport can provide a welcome escape. I know the importance of cricket to the people of Lanka and my thoughts are with not only the heroes of the day and the players , but also with the people of Lanka, as always. This was a despicable act, perpetrated by cowards who can only attack the unarmed and innocent out of the knowledge of their own weakness.

  8. I could not believe this when i first heard it. To put it too simply: its an atrocity. Attacking a sport for ideological or social reasons is stooping to a level which should not become any manner of rational thought or practice. I feel for those who fell and their families. Truly shocking – an act which should never be repeated ever.

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