Right here, right now. Lets sort this problem

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The games are all coming round rather fast aren’t they? I’m going to quit saying my usual preview stuff because it sounds like a broken record, hence it might be a slightly shorter post than usual but we will see what happens.

Yesterday we were told that Gallas is out with an ankle injury which is a blow considering his fantastic form of late, on the positive side it gives Djourou a chance to impress again after being unfairly dropped in my opinion. West Brom are lacking firepower so i think we will probably get another clean sheet, we just have to stick the goals in at the other end.

It would not surprise me if Arshavin and Van Persie were benched and we play with a five man midfield with Diaby behind Bendtner, this would of course mean the return of a central midfield combination with the attacking force of a wet fart.

It is likely we will see a return for Eboue who to be fair played well when he came on at the weekend, note: he played at right back though, not right wing. If i had it my way i would stick out all the players that played at the weekend because quite frankly they should be out there sorting out the monumental cock up that was Saturday afternoon, they got themselves into this trouble and it should be up to them to get us out of this. We have a chance we can’t pass up, Villa go to Man City who have a very good home record and with a protential three point gap between the two teams we can really put the pressure on them. it will be interesting to see how they react…if that is the case.

Can we even think about not getting three points from this one? I don’t know what to expect, im sure most gooners don’t but i would really love it to stick a good four or so goals past them just so send out a message to the Brummies that we are still around, they are getting cocky and we can’t be having that.

Wenger has also been talking about our most in form player at the moment, William Gallas. He is confident he has a big future at this club:

“His future is here and it’s bright. I believe he has shown that the only answer in football is quality performances.”

He has been immense of late, i don’t want to see him going. I will be that blunt.

He has also been talking about the game later saying this:

“Yes Tuesday’s game does help, We just need to keep the positives of what we do well and we’ll go into the next game and try to win it. That’s what is good in football; in three days, the story can be completely different. It is the first time that we are confronted with a problem like this because usually we conceded goals but we score. The best thing for me is to not to make too big a problem of it.”

It is an ideal opportunity but i want those players to be of the opinion that their lives depend on scoring, they need that drilling into them in the dressing room before the game and an early goal (don’t i say this every game?) could set up a comfortable win.

Just remember though, last time we played there we lost.

We need to score. Its that simple. No goal = No CL and Everton on our arses.

But to be positive im confident of a win, im confident Bendtner will score, why? I don’t know. I just have that feeling.

Lets get behind the lads, in 24 hours we could be right back on Villa’s tail again.

Til then take it easy and i will be back tomorrow morning.

Up the Gunners!


6 Responses to “Right here, right now. Lets sort this problem”

  1. I’m gonna call it now…

    2-0 to The Arsenal. Shava & RVP bag the goals, and not cheapies either.

  2. Why would u bench Arshavin goonblogger???

    He played a terrific game in the first half especially and created some fine passes and assists which werent dispatched properly obviously..

    I’d hate to have u as our coach !!

  3. no way would i bench Arshavin, he created most of our chances against Fullham, if RVP was half decent against Fullham then he would have had 2 assists and we would be praising his name

  4. come on gooners!!!!!!! this is a must win game n u all knw we hve the potential
    trials never last

    3:0 in favour of Arsenal i declare

    gooner for life

  5. blogs here.

    i would bench him because he is still not match fit and played the 90 mins at the weekend.

  6. this is a big chance lads…dont blow it 4 the fans
    show us that you deserve to wear the red and white shirt

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