He who dares wins – Arsenal and Villa don't dare so who will win?

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Monday mornings – shit.

Yesterday we saw a day that potentially had out closest rivals mocking us with another trophy and our closest rivals in the league mocking us and pretty much securing fourth place.

If Villa had beaten Stoke at home they would have been eight points clear, now they are six points ahead of us after drawing. They blew a 2-0 lead in the dying seconds against possibly the leagues worst strike force, even we couldn’t have done that!

We could have also had every Spud in the kingdom rubbing another mickey mouse trophy in our faces, to be fair, they took the best side in the world at the moment to penalties.

Its all about nerve, guts and attitude now. Who wants it more.

At this moment in time i still think that Aston Villa will get fourth because i don’t see the motivation in this team that is needed, i see that in Villa but they seem to be shaking and this lull of theirs could quickly turn into a full blown drop if they are not careful. They don’t have much experience in their team of breaking the top four, they face a mental challenge as well as a physical one.

With 88 minutes of the Stoke game played yesterday i thought we were destined for fifth. I’m sure Wenger was too.

We have been given a chance and just have to take it but we not only have to get all the points we can, we have to hope Villa continue slipping up and even then we have to be ruthless and take advantage of that and I’m not confident we can. So what if we beat Man Utd and Chelsea if we lose to Stoke and Fulham? That is not ruthlessness, that’s pure naivety and laziness.

We do have big players coming back and that should lift the team, just bare in mind when Cesc was playing we were still poor, we were prahaps even playing poorer than we are now without him in the side. He can’t take this team to fourth place on his own, not can Van Persie, Arshavin, Nasri or Eduardo when he returns. Adebayor can’t put the ball in the net without the pass to him in the right position.

I’m still worried, as are all other Arsenal blogs and sites, Arseblogger knows we are in the shit, as does Gunnerblog’s Gilberto Silva, as does Le Grove’s Pedro, as does Goodplaya. Goonerholic’ knows we are in deep trouble too.

As Del Boy said ‘he who dares wins‘, we have to have the nerve to say ‘fuck Villa, we are going to get fourth’ we need that gung-ho mentality we did not see in the last 10 minutes against Fulham, the most powerful drug to humans is not any performance enhancing drug, its pure adrenalin. Where was that adrenalin when we were staring at the Europa League? I don’t think they want it, i really don’t think they care.

After all, you don’t get on the front page of the paper for beating Sunderland but you do if you beat AC Milan or Manchester United. They have the motivation for those games but don’t realise those games come from beating the likes of Fulham, Sunderland, Stoke, Hull or Middlesborough.

I need time to think, its all very disjointed and muddled to me at the moment.

I, for one, am not going to start getting all positive again because quite bluntly, i expect to be let down. Its a very sad thing to say about the club you love dearly. I’m Arsenal through and through and through Again, hell i may even be through once more. It is in my blood to support this team.

Please Arsenal, if you won’t do it for yourselves, do it for the faithful, loyal fans that make this club what it is. I will be back as per normal tomorrow.

Up the Gunners.


2 Responses to “He who dares wins – Arsenal and Villa don't dare so who will win?”

  1. Nice comments there.
    We are really wishing for them to give us something. Hope they realise that with almost 50% of all the fans, we expect them to offer us more than draws and frustrations. We nowadays watch our team-once the most feared with our necks inside shoulders and always hoping for a goal and a win. We were once smiling after matches but now we sympathise with ourselves as other teams supporters have the best of times.
    But we hope and believe for sure that Arsenal are still champions and soon we’ll prove that. I watched Wenger in the last minutes of the match and noticed his helplessness.
    Maybe Fab,Ade,dudu,Rosicky will give us the last spark to salvage us. For now its just Hope,hope and hope

  2. I really hate these “no one can do anything about it, we’re screwed” blog posts because they are simply the opposite of the “we’re going to win everything” posts that many submit at the start of the season. The “recent posts” list demonstrates that this blog is about as pessimistic as it gets.

    The author writes about Fabs, “He can’t take this team to fourth place on his own, not can Van Persie, Arshavin, Nasri or Eduardo when he returns. Adebayor can’t put the ball in the net without the pass to him in the right position.”

    Well, bloody hell, wouldn’t it be nice to have them all back at the same time, just to see what Mr. Wenger could do with them.

    It’s been a wretched season with injuries, really the last two, because Dudu and Rosicky have been gone so long. It’s going to be a dicey finish, much like the last season at Highbury. Remember that had the Hammers not put one over on Spuds, we’d have sat out the CL the first year in the Emirates.

    I suspect there will be another signing or two. Chelsea is unsettled as a team, because Hiddink is not there for the long run, so maybe a deal for wantaway Kalou could be reached. We obviously need a holding mid and some depth at centre-half. Denilson I think was really meant to be Fabs understudy, but has had to play deeper because of injuries. With Arshavin in the side, there’s even more depth in the attacking third.

    They do miss Fabregas’ defence splitting passes and ability to hold the ball. Diaby is too erratic and Denilson gives the ball away too much. Arshavin helps there and has looked dangerous, depsite a lack of match fitness. Theo will be back soon and that will help, and Dudu’s pace and finishing will give us more in the way of options.

    We need to win the big matches, which will be tough, but Villa is a thin, albeit well-coached side (although I’m betting O’Neill is regretting his too-clever-by-half UEFA Cup decision to rest so many players). Other than Carew, Villa has kept players healthy, and that’s a big key to their success.

    The positives are that the defence has been solid, Roma looks beatable, Villa is faltering, and the FA Cup path looks very doable to the semis.

    There’s much to look forwards to this season. The CL place is huge, but we could still get there and possibly get some silverware as well (the FA Cup would be the best shot, I would guess).

    Plenty of time for optimism that is well-placed, I think.

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