Is Wenger really to blame? He can't control the players on the pitch can he?

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Right, im pissed off, down, confused and i don’t have a clue what is wrong

What do we do with a team that dont score?

What do we do with a team that dont score?

with this side. But, some people are calling for Wenger’s head, i bet they were happy with this line up when they saw it.





————Van Persie————

Its the line up everyone has pretty much been calling for with all our injuries. Wenger chose that.

So where did he go wrong here? I think its wrong to blame him for this loss personally because its the best line up available, its the players that are dragging us down. We saw on Tuesday what they can do but we have also seen what they can’t do, be consistent. All the people that are angry at Wenger, leave off him. He did all he can, its down to the guys on the pitch and if Van Persie is saying he is off if we don’t get into the CL places then he is a hypocrite because he passed up tons of chances, he did that last weekend too. He is a fantastic player but if he is going to stress out about Vela not getting a pass to him, but then going on to miss 3 or 4 chances he could have scored, then i do lose respect for him.

I don’t think we will get into the top four, Ive said it before and i am saying it again now. Look at the fixtures.

Villa’s next 12 games:

Stoke-H – win
Man City-A – draw
Tottenham-H – win
Liverpool-A – lose
Man Utd-A – lose
Everton-H – win
West Ham-H – win
Bolton-A – draw
Hull-H – win
Fulham-A – win
Middlesborough-A – win
Newcastle-H – win

8 wins out of 12 i think. 26 points i estimate

Arsenals next 11 games:

West Brom-A – win They are hopeless
Blackburn-H – draw Allardyce team, says it all
Newcastle-A – draw Always find it tough there
Man City-H – win Hopeless away
Wigan-A – draw Very hard to beat
Liverpool-A – draw shut out i think
Boro-H – draw Find it tough against them
Pompey-A – win I think they are going down
Chelsea-H – win Big game, always perform
Man Utd-A – lose So much better than us
Stoke-H – win Just have too much for them

5 wins out of 11. 20 points i estimate

If im right there we could well end up fourteen points behind Villa. I just can’t see us scoring past a Sam Allardyce team that will come to defend, i can’t see us winning at Newcastle away, Wigan away or Boro at home…

We can probably go another nine games unbeaten but that won’t get us into the CL, its the points that matter.

I have been very negative but how can we be positive after having so bloody many goal-less draws at home in the league? It is a joke.

Our only hope is winning the CL and i really do not see that happening to be honest, stranger things have happened though, we did lose away at Stoke and at home to Hull….

It seems that even Wenger is starting to have doubts over his side getting into the top four;

“I don’t want to speculate about that at the moment. Today’s result doesn’t help and it is certainly a big blow for us.”

In other words meaning, ‘we are up shit creek without a paddle’. His other post match comments were as annoying as normal and you can find them here, i don’t really want to write about them as i will probably get this blog removed for eccessive use of swearing.

I have also noticed Nasri going the way of Hleb, not in cuntyness but in non-shooting style. There was a point where he was in the box and had a clear shooting chance and he cut inside on his left foot, should have shot then, turned again onto his right, should have shot then, and then back onto his left and then lost it. That could so easily have been a goal. Van Persie’s finishing was woeful and Toure looked a liability consistantly muffing up the offside trap. I do worry with him in defence.

Clichy had a shocker, even by his standards this season. There was one point where he just gave up chasing the defender! I really do feel that Gibbs is really knocking on the door for a run in that position, Clichy has been awful.

Another thing… when will we learn how to cross, or, if we are going to cross it into the box, have someone there that can head the ball on target?

Common sense is at a premium in this team.

The new chant will be; ‘nil nil, to the Arsenil’. Catchy.

Right, thats it. More tomorrow

Up the Gunners.


22 Responses to “Is Wenger really to blame? He can't control the players on the pitch can he?”

  1. agreed

  2. I don`t know what form Arsenals training sessions take but I know one thing if I were incharge I`d have combat conditions applied and I`d be dashing around in my golf buggy screaming instructions through a megaphone and using the foulest language I could muster. “Cross that f*****g ball NOW! “get your a**e into gear”…” look for your target”….”the net is there to stop the f*****g ball from going into the crowd, use it” etc. etc. etc.

    One things for sure, they`d get the message.

  3. well at least steve d will be happy. Saying we can’t blame Wenger cos he put on his best 11 is letting him off the hook somewhat cos he is responsible for those 11 being here. What we are all saying is that if we have our top team we can beat anyone, but if we we get injuries or suspensions then forget it. That’s not acceptable for a top team in this day and age.When we finally admit that the Wenger Weenies do not have the potential to be world beaters hopefully AW can start to introduce some class players with a bit of backbone to boot, roll on next season.

  4. If l am Wenger,l would cal al the team together and let them know the problem aheld if any match is dram or lose again instead of shouting by the pitch side,well little word is 4 the Wise.

  5. i dont wtf is wrong with arsenal now. wenger doesnt teach them how and when to shoot? the team doesnt have a shooting mentality needed to get goals. i never care about having a clean sheet, but for God’s sake, please start scoring to win games. u know, it doesnt matter how many goals u conceed, as long as u win. be it 4-3, 5-4,6-5, its still a win. the current arsenal team just doesnt have a shooting instinct. they cant win. im very2 disappointed.

  6. I think Clichy, Sagna, Denilson and Van Persie are showing heavy signs of fatigue — they need some games off. Vela is Theo of two years ago, and should be regarded as such. He is a late game impact player right now, and good for Championship side games.

  7. All the people, some notably above, calling for more class players, etc. Wenger has done what you asked, you muppets. He signed Arshavin and Nasri (during the summer), didn’t he? Arshavin, after EURO, was one of the most coveted players in the world, and Nasri is one of the best young talents right now. And, yes, Wenger picks the 11, but there’s only so much he can do. Man Utd were highly unlucky not to score against Inter midweek, but no one will say that they’re crap because they couldn’t score.

    It’s not an issue of not having the right players. We saw that against Roma; dominating performance, just no clinical finishing. I mean, van Persie is known for his finishing, but no one would say he can’t finish because of his current form. It’s just a blip, albeit a major one.

    This is why I’m looking forward to Dudu coming back. Against Cardiff, we won 4-0 despite having some bad draws beforehand. We just need to get a good result AND, more importantly take that impetus into the next couple of matches, to get a decent run. I think Wenger should’ve kept the same line-up against Roma, I don’t know why he didn’t.

    One consolation can be that we’ve kept a fair few clean sheets and I prefer to look at positives. Who knows? A season in the UEFA cup; we could win it, get some silverware and kickstart a trophy-laden era again. I’ve got no problems with missing out on CL action, AS LONG AS we don’t lose players to clubs because of lack of the aforementioned.

  8. well, inter and fulham are 2 teams in 2 different class. and man utd scored in almost every game they played before. that’s why they win. generally im satisfied with the quality of players that we have, only that our team doesnt have a shooting instinct right now. no goals = no win. simple.

  9. i blame wenger for not strenthing the squad last summer,
    he hasnt replaced players like bergkamp,pires,edu,this bunch are just not up to it,

  10. good to see you being positive Josh, but take off the rose coloured glasses, right now you can’t compare us against Manure, they just have that mongrel we had a couple of years ago where when they have to win they win, dress it up how you like we are playing poorly at the moment if you’re happy drawing and in most cases being lucky not to lose to teams that were once in a different league to us then you will be happy for the rest of the year.Arshavin will prove to be a great buy probably next season, Nasri is another starlet who may or may not make the grade

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  12. Joel – vela is NOT walcott of 2 years ago
    theo 2years ago would take people on without any thought, or the skill required to beat them and could barely make a pass
    he also wouldnt attempt to track back and make challenges
    vela does all these things and possesses far greater skills
    hes not the finished article yet but neither is theo
    this just shows how people wear such rose-tinted specs for theo
    to me hes never proven hes more than a super sub yet either.
    vela looked decent in playing most of the game yesterday and shouldnt have been subbed in truth – hes not yet the “saviour” admittedly I and some others thought he would be – but im positive hes the next big thing for us in a few months

  13. You can keep on defending the manager but the fact is he needs to go because needs new direction or else we are going to be a mid table team in the next three years or so.

  14. see the truth….diaby,song,denilson,adebayor,bentder and eboue must go…..we need fucking players and no injuries..its not usual for a team to have 50 injuries per year

  15. OX Gooner – You talk so much sense.

    Will Vela make it? i dont know to be honest, the 19 year old Theo to the 19 year old Vela and i would probably take theo. Vela is so much better technically but he really lacks something, Maybe its just his youth.

    To be honest, i think it all links into our medical team who have done a great job with Eduardo, but nobody else because they just keep getting injured..

  16. Wenger may not control the players on the pitch but he certainly controls who plays, who he buys and how the subsitutions he makes and at the very end of the day thats what actually matters.

  17. Truth be told Wenger is half at fault with the team’s performances. HE is RESPONSIBLE for how the boys play: their mentality, physical preperation, tactics, and style. However it is up to the 11 on the pitch to respond physically and tactically to what the manager has told them and the the other 11 minds opposing them on the field. But one thing is for sure, if you don’t shoot you don’t score…its as simple as that. Wenger just needs to tell the boys SHOOT ON SIGHT! Hell…10 yards, 13 yars, 18 yards, 24 yards out….SHOOT! Who cares if its not a clear chance, deflections in the Premier League are MASSIVE.

    I still believe we have a chance at 4th place. Seeing A.Villa give up two late goals tells me their concentration levels drop drastically when they are comfortable and that as we know is a fatal flaw in the Premier League-no matter who the competition. The defensive fralities we showed can be cleaned up and the offense can score…imagine if Eduardo were in the same positions Nasri, Bendtner or even van Persie were in, he would have finished them all.

    Have faith boys, yes were are playing like complete S**T right now and yes I too can barely look when we play horribly and have to deal with puff manure and villa supporters but our full squad is so close to returning and I think we will hold on until they get back. We will have what it takes to bring 2 trophies home this season boys…just believe in the Arsenal.

    What will it hurt to simply believe? How can you turn your backs on a club you’ve supported for so long and have gone through so much? We’re going through a true test of character our young boys are going through a right of passage but we will come through the fire stronger than ever. Don’t leave them now when they need us the most. We are truely close to it boys….don’t lose faith.


  18. Wenger is a great manager, he’s just done a lot of stupid things the past few years.

  19. wenger is a great man & coach if any one has a problem with that then he should go rut away. life itself is not always rosey talk less soccer. he is doing the best he can at the moment so BACK OFF Critics

  20. Zain – Wenger ISNT Arsenal, Arsenal are Arsenal. Arsenal has been there before Wenger, and will not stop when Wenger goes.

    He may be a great man but he has made some catastrophic mistakes, or been forced into lose lose decisions.

    Either way, telling gooners they should rot away because they are criticizing Wenger is wrong and out of order.

    Wenger deserves criticism.

  21. ok i get my blunder, and sorry guys pardon me but pls too much critism to our coach can pose costly.

  22. […] Is Wenger really to blame? He can’t control the players on the pitch can he? Right, im pissed off, down, confused and i don’t have a clue what is wrong with this side. But, some people are […] […]

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