Raul Albiol linked, Diaby is FIT!, Nordveit on the move again?

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Right sorry to have to tell you this but i am back!

Sorry for not writing yesterday but i was literally so sleepy i felt like i was just about to drop into a coma. I hate winter, i wish i could hibernate like a hedgehog, it would be a lot warmer too. Anyway, less of the rambling and onto the news.

I will go straight onto the transfer speculation from the Mirror concerning defender Raul Albiol, it claims Wenger is chasing the 23 year old. To be fair, i have seen nothing of him and any information any of you readers have you could share in the comments, we have Senderos returning at the end of the season by the looks of things, with Gallas looking more likely to stay along with Kolo Toure and Djourou third choice with Song and Fishface able to slot in there as well it would add great depth to that area. Is it rubbish? We will have to wait and see.

Some breaking news is in. Abou Diaby…. IS FIT.

I mean, he can actually play in his second game in a row!

If he continues in the vein of form he was in against Roma he adds a different dimention to the team, he has great talent and i hope he can fulfil it. He is injury prone and because of this he is inconsistant but if he, like Van Persie, can get a good run going we could see him develop into a very fine player indeed. Good luck Abou, you are going to need it.

Our 18 year old defender Havard Nordveit is being linked with another loan spell abroad, i wonder if going home for a period of time at that age may be a bad move. Once he goes he might decide he does not want to up roots for a second time at such a young age, any move like that will need thinking through a lot in my personal opinion. He is a very good prospect and he is apparently developing well, a Carling Cup spell next season would be ideal for him.

On the financial front its looking rosey, but im sure that this recession is going to get worse and worse, if the experts are anything to go by it looks like it could even end up a depression and that could have massive effects on the football industry as a whole. As things stand at the moment we are making good, healthy progress but a season without CL football could give that a right, hard, painfull kick in the metaphorical bollocks. Lets just see what happens there IF it comes to it. Right now we have to be positive.

Wenger has a chirp about some of FIFA’s new ideas. Surfice to say, he doesn’t like the majority of them. You know why? Because they are utter shit.

Wenger has also said once again that he bid for Kalou from Chelsea, we knew this and because of some comments from Kalou its ended up in the media again; coy, Wenger said this:

“I don’t know what I will do at the end of the season. But you are right, we tried to get him last year. But Chelsea refused and I have never spoken to him [Kalou]. I just asked Chelsea if we could talk about him.”

Not no, not yes, who cares? Its February and lets concentrate on the players we have at the moment. Kalou is not even that good.

Here, Wenger admits that the side have got to create a ‘positive vibe’ around the Grove, i think he understands why some fans are getting annoyed but also points out that the press are partly responsible for some of the pressure they are under saying that they bring up the trophy issue every time. He has a point, but success is usually counted in trophy’s im afraid.

Manuel Almunia is world class says Arsene Wenger; he is a good keeper but not in that bracket yet. Ive said this before but the mental part of a keeper is very very under-rated, keepers like Cech and Casillas have a massive reputation and that will always be in the strikers mind. With Almunia that is not there yet, he has another 9 years left at the top level and that is long enough to develop that. Wenger also backs Bendtner to come good, whilst he has the ability and his attitude is improving he has got to start netting the chances or i really feel the fans will force him out which is really not a nice thing for a 20 year old. I hope he fulful’s his big potential.

Now onto the game later and  really think we can, should and will win this one. Im not going to go too deeply into it but to get fourth, we have to win tomorrow or it really is goodbye CL. I would love to see the Roma formation played again with Arshavin on the right, it would be more of a 4-2-4 formation without Eboue, very attacking and it will win us the game if we play that way.

3-0 i reckon. Though i did say that last time…

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Right, more tomorrow

Up The Gunners!


7 Responses to “Raul Albiol linked, Diaby is FIT!, Nordveit on the move again?”

  1. Fear not – less than a month to the first day of spring… wahooo!!! Or do as I have done, more down south to Exeter where seasons seem to come early! Much better than the midlands (weather-wise)!

    I’ve always considered Diaby a top prospect – will be a top man if he stays fit. I think he will make the difference against what will be a very determined Fulham side.

    Fingers cross we do not miss our chances – that will what the game will hinge on.

  2. Fishface, is it sylvestre??? if it really is him, then i do agree!!!
    As for the winter problem, why don’t u come to my country, Mauritius, its really hot at this interval of the year…

  3. I think Wenger’s going to prove many people wrong again. I have not been a fan of the usual fan’s favorites scapegoats like Almunia…our defence…Eboue… Denilson… Adebayor. But that’s the thing and it will remain true no matter how many times people attempt to shoot it down to justify having a go at our so called sub standard players, Arsene knows… If he says players are good, he knows. When he lets players go, he knows. So I’ll wait for Wenger to keep proving me a wrong and feel like a little w*nker for ever being in doubt.

  4. a fortnight for Eduardo,Waloctt and Ade [noticed i finished with Ade] and we will really be rocking that is if and only IF we dont lose a couple more players before then which is very unlikely…
    um hopin for anther clean sheet and a two goals preferably from open play c’mon u goons…

  5. thanks

  6. Another 0-0 *sniff sniff*.

  7. […] Raul Albiol linked, Diaby is FIT!, Nordveit on the move again? Right sorry to have to tell you this but i am back! Sorry for not writing yesterday but i was literally so sleepy i […] […]

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