Denilson is either blind or stupid +we lack the ambition of a top 4 side – on and off the pitch

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Morning all – another day of shitness from me im afraid;

I looked at an article on about our very own Denilson. He seemed to say that we are winning the games we need to, thus meaning all these drawn games are utterly pointless and we don’t really need to win them. In his very own words;

I believe we are way more resilient. Since January we have been quite balanced and we have been winning the games we need.”

I’m afraid we have not been doing that Denny; draws are ok sometimes but all the time? Its getting rediculous now.

But, there is always the chance that some little short, hairy meddling bastard has taken his words out of context, we saw it happen on a big scale with Bendtner last week. I like Denilson, he is a nice person and a player that does have a lot of potential, he recognises this and says his game has improved since making the switch from a squad player to a full blown starter, one that has made the most appearances in an Arsenal shirt this season,

I feel I have improved a lot and every day there is room to improve more. Nobody is perfect and I wish I could perform brilliantly every match, but I always do my best to stay on in the team. I have been given the opportunity and I believe I am making the most of it. I know about my potential and I am still working to stay as long as possible in the first team. When you arrive at the training ground you have to forget everything outside and focus on your job – you have to think not only about yourself, but also of the team and the manager who is the one giving you that trust.”

Many gooners do not rate him, i don’t know why they don’t. He will be a fantastic midfielder, not all players progress at the rate Cesc does.

I think much of our recent problems have stemmed from a lack of ambition, our central midfield is vital to our game but without Cesc who could pick out a runner a mile off, we have no attacking ambition in Denilson and Song who are defensive orientated. Nasri is no Premiership central midfielder whilst Arshavin is not a central midfielder of the type we need, he is just fine out wide.

Its not only on pitch we lack the ambition, its off it. It seems the board are quite content with the top four and a green coloured figure in the financial reports. As pretty as that colour is i would rather it be the Premiership we are aiming for rather than a number.

The day we become a club obsessed with figures is the day this club turns into what i hate.

Arsene Wengers criticism of Sunderlands ‘team bus’ tactics is very untactful. He is in the results businuess, not an entertainment businuess and no matter how much me moans he aint going to change anything. He said,

“They put a lot of men in front of the ball, with one striker up front, like everybody does here. You can give them credit, they defended well, but I do not want to go overboard because if everybody plays like that it would be very boring in the Premier League.”

Its the way it is now, if its going to get your side points you are going to do it. Didn’t we just defend for most of the game at Spu*s? Get used to it Wenger, moaning more makes you look like a prat and you are not a prat, you are a great manager.

He is expecting a more open game against Roma. They will come and defend then.

Right, sorry for the shit blog.

Back with a preview tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Up the gunners.


9 Responses to “Denilson is either blind or stupid +we lack the ambition of a top 4 side – on and off the pitch”

  1. I agree, Denilson doesn’t get enough credit for the work he does. And it’s precisely that, I can’t think of anyone in our current 11 that works harder than he does. Not so sure about the comments, but there could’ve been a translation problem. Also, I think we have been a bit spoilt with players developing at the rates of Fabregas and Wilshere, to name a few. Not everyone develops the same way. For instance, I feel Bendtner has a ways to go before he becomes a consistent performer, but when he does, I think he’ll be class.

  2. I hope AW made his comments about our tactics against Roma with his tongue firmly in his cheek. If the Manager says we ain’t got an attack it becomes a bit of a worry

  3. I am with you, Josh

  4. why should he be rated what did he do on saturday we should drope him to the bench

  5. denilson is bad for me… he cant create anything.. he only has simple passes… we need a player that is creative, just like arshavin..

  6. denilson isnt good enough.he’s not an arsenal type player.

  7. denilson is just a piece of shit,i dont understand why wenger is allowing 2 defensive midfielder stays in the middle of the park,its ridiculous…they are not creative nor have skills,denilson cant even tackle a goalkeeper not to talk of a player,we need a strong and creative midfielder like senna or alonso,a developing player shouldnt play defensive midfielder role…denilson have been exposing our central defence which is bad for us i believe…..WENGER PLEASE LEARN FROM FROM THIS MISTAKE

  8. […] Denilson is either blind or stupid +we lack the ambition of a top 4 side – on and off the pitch Morning all – another day of shitness from me im afraid; I looked at an article on about our very own […] […]

  9. You saying that now?

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