Media play the 'Taylor was innocent' game AGAIN! – what do you make of it?

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Welcome, on what seems a fairly quiet day.

First up, and something that has really annoyed me is the Da*ly Ma*l playing the ‘Martin Taylor is innocent’ game again. Now we know he probably did not aim to hurt Eduardo in the way he did, he almost certainly wanted to shake him up a bit and let Eddy know he was there. The injury was not deliberate, but the tackle was. This is what the scummy press have said,

When Eduardo fell one year ago, the finger of blame was pointed at Taylor for a mistimed challenge that left the striker with a double compound fracture of his right leg.

Arsenal’s Premier League aspirations were crushed. Croatia’s Euro 2008 dreams had similarly been dashed and a footballer’s career was on the line.

The graphic pictures of the incident only cast Taylor further in the role of the bad guy. Arsene Wenger’s scathing comments condemned him still further.

Oh for fuck sake. Right, I’m going to take issue with the first bit of text highlighted in red.

‘When Eduardo fell” – You fucking what? He didn’t just fall over, for Christ’s sake his leg was in little bits and his foot was poking the wrong way, he didn’t just trip over a fucking mole hill! What do you expect him to do? Get back up on his feet (or foot), and give the poor innocent defender a hug and a kiss? Taylor’s foot was planted half-way up Eduardo’s leg as you can see here.


Oh poor Taylor! Eduardo just 'fell'

I sure as hell don’t call it ‘falling’. I call it an accident, but an accident that could and should have been prevented, and then Taylor should have been used to discourage the ‘roughing up’ tackles of the kind that caused it. I’m still livid he got a three game ban, but i might take that issue up in the future if we are ever faced with such an issue. I really hope we don’t. Now onto the last sentence.

“Arsene Wenger’s scathing comments condemned him still further” – Get the fuck outta here! How would you expect a manager to react after seeing his most in-form player with a snapped leg and dislocated ankle?

Press: ‘What do you think of Eduardo’s injury then?

Wenger: ‘Oh I’m sure the poor Taylor lad did not mean it at all, he might never play again, or be the same player but all that matters is Taylor’s state of mind right now. He might lose his foot as well but i all i want to do is say sorry to Taylor on Eduardo’s behalf for denting his confidence.’

Just imagine if it had just happened to Ronaldo, Fergie would not just have gone mental he would have been on the phone to Al Capone to send over a hit-man to hunt the player down. Wenger retracted his comments less than an hour after he said them, why make a fuss out of something that is totally irrelevant?

I am surprised Wenger did not explode and call Taylor a fucking cunt, i sure as well did at the time. If Eduardo was an English citizen there would have been outcry, but because it was the Englishman at fault, Taylor is the victim.

It sickens me.

So do articles like this piece of shit. This worthless idiot has since left his job but he basically says ‘Eduardo will be back but Taylor will always have the mental scars’. What a prick.

I have no problem with Martin Taylor at all, i really don’t. I don’t think he meant to hurt him at all, he wanted to make his presence knows which, sadly, is part of the game. The death threats he received were out or order and Taylor thanked Arsenal fans that supported him, and condemned those other fans that told him they wanted him dead;

‘I had an incredible amount of support from Arsenal’s fans. I’d like to thank them publicly for that.’

Right, that cast aside lets move on.

The Times have spoken to Eduardo about his recovery, he has said that Tony Colbert is like his ‘second father’ after developing a close bond with him through his recovery, its a decent read.

The Da*il Ma*l are not done yet though and have proceeded to shit stir once again running an story saying that Theo Walcott is moving because we are only offering him 50K a week. Really, why do they hate us so bloody much and create shit article after shit article after total and utter wank article?

Shit paper

Shit story

Shit ‘journalist’

Its just total shit.

I’m not even going to link to it, it really is that bad, they are on the same level as the NOTW who aren’t half good at making shit up.

What do all you make of the Eduardo/Taylor ‘innocent’ story? I would love to know your thoughts.

Til Tomorrow – up the Gunners.

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4 Responses to “Media play the 'Taylor was innocent' game AGAIN! – what do you make of it?”

  1. that was a good read – and i would have to agree with you. Some newspapers seem to construct stories by taking things out of context and inflating them to such a level that it makes them controversial AND unsettles people. Is there not some press association thats meant to monitor these things and to maintain a level of journalism thats actually accurate?

    Whatever the case Eduardo has come back and will hopefully reinvigorate our current team. It’s better to look forward to the future (esp. the champions league next week) than to raise the dead – they fell asleep long ago.

  2. mental dat one!!, i’l tel u. they wrote dat now only bcos he’s back. like it’s easier for d legbreaker to go through a state of mental imbalance & unhappiness than d one with d broken leg, ahh! it’s outrageous. “well we’ll only lose d league title we’re so close to getting & he’s (eduardo) just goin to be out for a couple of years! but all in all, good tackle martin, i just hope u get over ur thinkin u’re a bad player”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perhaps AW’s comments shlda been dat. FUCKERS! On the walcott front, it beats me when players are playin shite & AW keeps using them until they play unbelivably for 1 season & start demanding 80-100k. Now I don’t kno if walcott ever hinted at not being happy with the 50k but dat(wage issue) was exactly d case with Flamini whom i never believed in when he cldnt make a single good shortpass on d pitch bt proved me wrong after years anyways( or rather arsene wenger did). He always believes in & protects them when they come under criticism from anybody & everybody. I think He needs to be repaid at some point. what do u think?

  3. If you are on about Wenger’s wages im sure he is in the top band of highly paid persons at the club!

  4. I’m sick and tired of this disgusting campaign to make Martin Taylor into a f—ing SAINT and a VICTIM! It’s one of the most revolting things I’ve ever seen in the UK media and that’s saying a lot.

    I don’t give a CRAP about Taylor’s intent — that’s totally IRRELEVANT! Why can’t these idiots get that thru their thick skulls?!?!


    If a drunk driver gets into a car and hits someone, INTENT IS IRRELEVANT! What, the driver is somehow absolved of all responsibility because he didn’t intend to hurt anyone?

    There is NO excuse for recklessness, period.

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