Yaya Toure will not come to Arsenal + Wenger's pre-match comments

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Alright you lot, lets begin.

The Shite Of The World have released their latest weekly load of bollocks starting with the headline ‘YAYA TOURE FOR ARSENAL’. They have put two and two together and came up with 2000, seriously.

Its all based on this quote, taken about two years ago:

“It would be great to play in the Premier League and to team up with my brother would be just fantastic.”

I think he said that before he went to Barca a couple of seasons ago whilst he was still at Monaco if im not mistaken, its these kinds of articles that really, really piss me off. They have based it on a quote covered in dust and made the wildest accusation without the slightest bit of knowledge. As a matter of fact Yaya said this just a month or so ago:

“There has been talk of money and a longer deal, but at the moment I am just concentrating on working. I feel happy here and what is important is that I want to stay here for many years,”

Do your research you useless bunch of mongrel hacks. Bastards.

Arsene Wenger seems to like the latest few Chelsea managers, first he came out glowing with praise for Scolari, now he has done the same for Guus Hiddink, he said:

“Hiddink has a strong knowledge of the game and strong personality, he has big experience and he always gets his teams to play the kind of football he wants to play. This is the real art of a good manager.”

Maybe its some kind of unlucky vibe he is sending, could be black magic you know. I suppose if its accounted for Scolari why should it not account for Hiddink?

Wenger has also been talking about Andrey Arshavin and how this period of matches he is ineligible to play in could be a blessing in disguise, i suppose it does give him a while longer to get match fit and sharp again after not playing a competitive match since November. He is going to have to be fit to make an impact in the team, especially as the league change may take time to adapt, the climate however will make him feel at home. Apparently he will be ready for the Sunderland game and Wenger has said he was somewhat ‘handcuffed’ when it came to playing him against Sp*rs last weekend:

“I was a little bit handcuffed against Tottenham because we were down to 10 men and if we had sustained an injury then you couldn’t bring on a player who lacks fitness when you are down to 10 men.”

It was a shame he could not play but it was really not worth the risk of injury, can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about though, fuss that i did partake in i hastily add.

William Gallas’ form has also been put under the microscope by the Boss, there is no doubt that of late, Gallas has been a rock in our defence and his form is reflected in our clean sheets of late. Against Sp*rs he was rock solid and at his true best, i have been critical of him in the past but i can say that he has always been a quality player and the removal of the captaincy has let the pressure off, and the sulking period is now over.

“I have said many times that after a major incident he has responded like a real professional and has dealt well with the situation and that is what we want.”

Only conceding three goals in eight games really shows how we have shored up our defence, it is by no means solid, but its not as leaky as it was earlier in the season. Now, we just have to put the ball in the back of the net.

Phil Wilson has written an interesting piece in The Observer chatting about how the top four is no longer. At the moment its a top one, Manchester United, with four followers being Liverpool, Villa, Chelsea and us. The Manc’s im afraid to say, are miles out in front. To think we are the last team that scored against them, its a fantastic achivement.

Not to score against them, to go that long without conceding! No, i do not have my rose tinted specs on this time.

Right, thats the lot.

Til Tomorrow


3 Responses to “Yaya Toure will not come to Arsenal + Wenger's pre-match comments”

  1. goonie, nice work mate, these yaya stories have got to stop.

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