If we don't win this one kiss goodbye to the Champions League

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That’s the reality of it, eight points will be too much to overhaul at this stage of the season and you just know Chelsea won’t drop out the big four. If there will be a team dropping out of it, it will be us.

We just have to win.

Depleted of the services of Fabregas, Eduardo, Rosicky, Walcott, and Diaby means that we will probably send out most of last weeks team, with the addition of Alex Song and Robin Van Persie, who in my opinion should captain the side.

The game has come far too soon for Andrey to start, and he might not even feature so if the scum mark Van Persie out the game, don’t expect a win. One man that will be needed is Adebayor who has been very poor, he work ethic has disappeared and he thinks he is Thierry Henry, climb down Ade and work your bloody socks off because you have a good record against the scum and if you win this game for us, last summer will be totally forgiven i am sure. Wenger agrees,

“Adebayor has a good record against Tottenham, but we have good players and simply that is the best reason to explain it. Before him, Robert Pires had a good record. Sometimes, I thought about not playing him at the start because it was [a] kicking and tackling game and he was not a tackling player. Then I would put him on at half time and he turned up with a goal because he was relaxed.”

He has eight goals against them in eight appearances including that stunner at that shoebox lane last season, another couple of them would be rather nice and improve my weekend somewhat. Before i move on to more team news Ive got a few things to say about the official website, just read this;

‘The Gunners’ backline was uncharacteristically leaky earlier on in the season’

What planet are they on for god’s sake? Our defence has been shite for the last four seasons, ‘uncharacteristically’?, ‘uncharacteristically’? Do they even watch Arsenal play?

Back onto the match build up and one man who we will need at the back is Sagna who has been, apart from a few minor instances, superb this season, Wenger is of an opinion that he has been key to us managing our leaky defence and making it slightly less leaky. But it still is leaky. If we are to get back into the top four we need to stop our defence being leaky.Anyway, he said;

“I believe Sagna has had a very good season, at one stage we had conceded too many goals, so we encouraged our defenders to be a bit more cautious. A defender does not like to concede goals. When you do and do not win, they become a bit more apprehensive to go forward. Bacary Sagna is a very reliable defender – and if you look at the goals we concede he is one who is the least involved in making mistakes.”

He is our best defender by a mile and is one of the best in the world, i really think he is that good. If there is one signing that Wenger can proudly say has been great value, and not been a kid, it is most definitely Sagna.

Wenger has also been saying how happy he is that the scum are wasting their money on buying big fat triangle headed bags of shite. Anyone remember this little edit?

robbiekeanetriangleheadWhat an utter Muppet. On moving to Liverpool ‘oh yes its my lifelong dream, i know I’m shit really but i will make lots of money and i will finally get out of that shithole of a small club.‘ On failing epically at his new club he comes crawling back saying ‘oh my real home is here, i never wanted to leave but i got chased out of town by a big bunch of bum bandits wielding big long rubber dildo’s.’ Turncoat.

The scum have spent 48 million this past month, its despicable, and they are still a big pile of shite. It seems the scum’s transfer policy is to let their players go, then when they are found out for the big pile of shitty shit they are, they go crawling back. I mean, Chimbonda, CHIMBONDA! That useless maize field headed donkey. Can’t hack it at Sunderland so goes back to the scum. Shows how good they are doesn’t it.

Our signing, the one we negotiated down from twenty million to ten, will not start today, i expect him to get ten minutes or so and be our wildcard option if you like. Wenger was waiting to see him in training yesterday to see how he was faring,

“I will have reservations yes, The worst thing for a player is not being ready to play in a game of that intensity, or getting injured before having kicked a ball for the team. I will see what kind of shape he is in tomorrow to see if he will be involved in the squad or not. We are not in a hurry with him.”

It will give the team and the fans a boost to see him, that’s for sure.

On the game its vital we win or we are buggered, somehow, i don’t think we will, even a draw is not enough. This team will be up for the game and if we partner Gallas and Toure together we will get incessantly raped. We need to be clinical, strong and compact, we can’t let Jenas the penis get near the goal because he always scores against us, we have to keep a clean sheet and bury every chance we get.

This is not the time to be fanny-ing  around in the box tapping it to each other. Go there, get the job done and move onto the next game. Yes its the scum but id much rather get three points than play pretty football, anything else than a win is a bonus, if we play them off the park and injure every single one of their players, all the better.

Come on Arsenal, do it for the fans, and for the sake of our sanity.

‘Up the Gunners’

Til Tomorrow.


9 Responses to “If we don't win this one kiss goodbye to the Champions League”

  1. yes the tuth be told if we dont win against the totts then we may as well kiss the top 4 goodbye..

    We had a chance last week to gain a few points closer to the target and we cant keep missing our chances..

    sadly i dont believe arshavin will be used for this ultra important game but reality tells me he’s not quite ready and we cant expect him to be the saviour within arsenal overnight..

    Our team lineup looks very frail.. one of the worst lineups all year… Let us pray for a good performance

  2. the headline’s kinda weird cos im certain we can win the champions league this year 🙂

    a win is not enuff. i’m hoping for scum to lead 3-0 till 75 mins then bang booong tang! bing! we win 4-3. then my demons can be buried for good.

  3. no 3 points is enough.

    sorry but i just can’t agree with you

  4. Does anyone watch the Spuds play!? Their absolutely AWFUL! They are TERRIBLE! If we show up there and play even half-decent football our gunners should put out a magnificent score line. They have no creativity through the middle. Their defense is in shambles and they have no HEART! I’m truly expecting a score line of 4-0 to the GOONS. We can do it. We do have the skill, heart, and drive to win and win comfortably. Form and derby whatever! We go there w/ a winning mentality and tough mentality we will beat those BA*****S and lay the dogs to rest once and for all. And the boost to our season will be immense. with this win, we shouldn’t’ lose another game all season long. Up the Gunners. Gooner4lyf.

  5. hope your right mate!!

    its derby day though, anything can happen!

  6. Comon Arsenal…We can still chase Villa and Chelsea..but we have to start winning streak right now

  7. i think arsha will be @ d game, playin or no. he needs the atmosphere to see wat a derby’s like & he might get 15-20 mins playin time. pls note this i’d like to come bak & tell u guys i said so coz bendtner will av a good game, startin or sub.

  8. sum1 pls jump-kick dat gay fucker cald eboue out of dat team plsssss. 1million for whoever does. jst see how he disrupted d balance of d match with avoidable bookings. i’m sick to d stomach. cldnt bliv they let dat game go like dat after the emirates spuds showdown. Arsenal’s dying pls rescue!

  9. Eboue should be sacked.

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