BREAKING NEWS: 'Positive Announcement' Soon

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Live SSN – Where announcement will be made along with
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Andrei Arshavin is now an Arsenal player according to a source of mine.

More coming soon.


LATEST 1854pm

Wenger said a positive announcement will be made later and the deal WILL go through. Arshavin seems ours!

From SSN, Watch it for free on the link above.


88 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: 'Positive Announcement' Soon”

  1. why havent we heard anything yet?

  2. erm off BBC – One of our news agencies is claiming that Zenit and the Gunners have failed to reach a deal on the transfer of Andrei Arshavin. It is only one source, though, so we will try and get more on that as and when we have it.

  3. yea i read that too… please let them be wrong!

  4. xactly…

  5. I think its soccernet they are on about… thats not renowned for its reliability.

  6. My source got the info from Richard LAw, the ARsenal international exc

  7. The Associated Press are saying Zenit spokesman Alexei Petrov believes the deal for Andrei Arshavin has broken down.

    Associated Press are reliable… but i dnt think Zenit spokesmen are!!

  8. I have every confidence in your source m8 – thats what i want to believe!

  9. come on we want confirmation, either negative or affirmative… this really sucks

  10. im worried now, apparently Zenit are messing around, its doubtful if they sent off documents to the FA. waiting for verification.

  11. oh noes…

  12. This is so frustrating!!!!
    I just wish there was an official comment from so we know if the deal is done or not.

  13. why wouldn’t Arshavin pay if that’s what was agreed? Btw; we will never do business wis Ruski’s again.

  14. God im actually shitting it.

  15. I guess there is still time for Arshavin to pay them the money – everything else apart from that seems to have been done. He has time to do so as well due to the technicality of the window still being open for deals that are almost done.

    Here’s hoping.

  16. if arshavin had any sense hed pay wat he has to to zenit. the hard part has been done…he should be an arsenal player within the next couple of hours

  17. Russian window is open til march

  18. According to USA Today (top us newspaper) –

    “The deal didn’t happen. Arshavin is coming back to Zenit,” Petrov said, but he added that a deal could be revived in the summer.

    Thats not good – it screws up this season – and next seasons oppertunities in CL.

  19. …and Reuters are now saying that Andrei Arshavin’s transfer has been called off.

  20. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  21. ditto

  22. This has gotta be a joke right???

  23. what the fuck

  24. this is the sort of sh*t that happens when you string out transfers until the last minute hoping to save a few quid. I’m sure we would have won at least one of the last 2 draws if we had him with us, and that would have made the table a slightly more comfortable read.

  25. It would appear that the seemingly interminable saga surrounding the potential move of Andrei Arshavin from Russian outfit Zenit St. Petersburg to Arsenal today has hit one more snag, as Arsenal fans and probably the rest of the world wait impatiently to find out whether the playmaker will become a Gunners player at last.

    Unconfirmed reports state that a Zenit spokesman has revealed that the deal is now off, as the Russians have failed to reach an agreement with Arsenal over the deal.

    Associated Press and Sky Sports News are both indicating that the deal is on hold, following this statement from the Russians, the exact wording of which is as yet unclear.

    Further news to follow…

  26. Is it really off?? Can anyone confirm?

  27. Can i stress nothing has been confirmed, positive or negative

  28. It’s 1 am in Thailand and I still have to wait.

  29. how can you fail to reach an agreement if even the bbc confirms there is an agreement?!!!

  30. One of BBC’s intrepid reporters just spoke to Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood. “No news for you,” he was told by the Gunners supremo.

    Thats either the “No news for you,” we are working on it or.. “No news for you,” that we’ve packed it in for this transfer window.

    I guess now it will be interesting to see if Dein’s predictions will be correct about where Arsenal are headed, esp. without a much needed transfer.

  31. so sad.

    i read a lot of AA’s news and this make my day look like hell
    it’s 1am in Thailand and i cant go to sleep
    too much shit in my head right now….

    ps hi thailand so sad …… so sad

  32. “Gunners supremo”

    What? supremo?

    more like cunt

  33. All other clubs have bought who they wanted to buy & sold who they wanted to sell with some negotiations just starting recently (deals confirmed, completed, signed sealed & delivered) what is wrong with Arsenal!

  34. its really pissed me off

    so it’s done?

    we’ve wait far too long for this.

    Can anyone confirm ??

  35. if this has fallen through it is going to be over £1-2m again, same as Alonso and various other players. If a player is worth £15m, surely he is pretty much worth £16m?

    The knock on effect of this really worries me…. the backlash against the board and Wenger will be huge, especially if we finish out of the top 4.

    And it is plain embarrassing for a club that prides itself on being ‘gentlemanly’ and professional….

    Absolutely gutted at the moment…. even if he does sign (looking very remote) it is still an embarrassment.

  36. It’s about Arshavin’s payments if it’s fallen through. It will probably happen but they have to decide when and how so keep the faith

  37. this is bull shit if we dont get him we are sunk we wont win a thing this session

  38. I dont know what to think now…. bloody fustrating.

  39. if it had failed i would think there would be more noise though.

  40. still waiting for confirmation

  41. I can categorically deny the transfer has fallen through yet. The clubs are looking to make this happen it is just now for Zenit and Arshavin to agree on how and when the payments are to be made by the player. An announcement is due to be made which looks to be positive. If not, promise me none of you will jump.

  42. Arsenal tortures its fans, why isn’t anyone from the club saying anything? is this a kind of game to them? I’d say, NO ARSHAVIN, NO TOP 4 FINISH, ADEBAYOR IS A LAZY GOAT!!!!!!!

  43. this is bull shit if we dont get him we wont win a thing this session i hop we get him

  44. surely the longer the time we wait the better it is for us… if it hit a roadblock we would know about it nearly 1 n half hours after the transfer window has closed.

    I’m remaining optimistic as somehting is certainly goin on.

  45. We really need some creativity in midfield. There is none right now .

  46. Zenit to issue a statement soon ive just heard.

  47. The clubs have a mutual desire to complete the transaction,” Mitrofanov told Sovetsky Sport at 5.40pm. “Negotiations are continuing.”


  48. That’s an hour ago

  49. longer its quiet the better i think

  50. hopefully

  51. bloody frustating.

    i was telling all my friend that AA is joining Arsenal

    but now………..

    man i almost cry

  52. swap eboue, denilson, diaby and song 4 messi in the summer if we dont get the owl…best 2 stay optimistic tho

  53. Me too…I have texted all my friends…but there’s still hope

  54. malaysia time now is 2.38am, i still can’t go to sleep. i’m still waiting… ALL OF US still waiting! Hopefully everything going our way….

  55. Watch live SSN on the blog post, click the link/

  56. nearly up to the 2 hr later mark… how many more hours!!

  57. “Both clubs definitely want to complete the transfer, therefore the negotiations are still going,” Zenit general director Maxim Mitrofanov has told local Russian television.

  58. Wenger confirmed it! Wahoo!




  61. Arsene still confident the deal will go through!!!

  62. Yes!!!

    at last !!!!

  63. Smile fellow Gunner’s…it is time to welcome a new face into our ranks….

  64. confirmed ??


    AA will be playing for Arsenal , right ?

  65. Now for the title…




    My sources inform me that all signatures ARE in place, but the final “release” requires that there is no unsettled disputes or outstanding claims from the selling club and the player. The lawyers are trying to sort this one out, as I said

    Zenit cannot retract their signature, but like the excahnge of contracts in buying and selling houses, one has to wait for money to hit accounts.

    If Zenit raise an objection, this could go to the Court of Arbitration and Zenit would run the risk of having Arshavin refuse to play for them again.

    Zenit are hoping that Arsenal will step in on behalf of Arshavin, so as to prevent other clubs coming in for him on a Webster in the Summer.

    Hopes this helps.

    Arsenal, Arshavin and Gooners the world over await Zenit’s clarification”

  67. 1851: Another news agency are now suggesting Andrei Arshavin has signed for Arsenal and he will stay at the Emirates until June 2012. Again, we do not have confirmation of that.

    BBC…enjoy the rollercoaster


  69. what a day.

    and i still cant sleep !

  70. Any confirmation????

  71. pretty much, jsut waiting for the site

  72. alright, i dare say it; what if SSN was making it up?

  73. They spoke to Wenger directly.

    Teh fans outside the Emirates were going mental they had to cut it off!

  74. Martijn Stolze

    you just ruin my day


  75. Come on….. Just wait for the press

  76. IT will go through, im sure of it

  77. you didn’t hear Wenger talking though… i am a Gooner like the rest of us… But still.. there has been so much shit!

  78. Thanks to goonblogger, surely i can sleep very well tonight!



    The Russian has finally signed a deal with the Gunners….


  80. 20:05 And there it is. Andrei Arshavin signs a 2.5 year deal at Arsenal from Zenit St. Petersburg. The new Gunners’ #13 arrives for an undisclosed fee.

  81. goodnight every gooner out there


    it’s 2.30 am here !

  82. goodnight!

    When its confirmed i will incorporate it into tomorrows blog

  83. Gudnite..Thanks for the update…hope I’ll see Archavin holding Arsenal shirt tomorrow

  84. thx


    it’s my first time here but it sure not my last. lol

  85. goonblogger ***

    sorry for the spelling


  86. great stuff 🙂

  87. Bleh!

    Looks like the FA will wait til tomorrow to approve the deal. Still, word from the Emirates is it’s expected to go through. I think there were just so many transfers to deal with today, and with us coming in SOOOO late, they just didn’t have time to sign off on all the paperwork before the staff went home.

    One more day…

  88. BREAKING NEWS: Arshavin Is An Arsenal Player « The Goon Blog…

    BREAKING NEWS: Arshavin Is An Arsenal Player. February 2, 2009 by goonblogger. 16:30. Andrei Arshavin is now an Arsenal player according to a source of mine. More coming soon. ……

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