Zenit To Consider Bid Today – Ade: 'Arsenal are still alive'

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Well its been Arshavin mania recently. I picked up a fair bit of flak yesterday for suggesing that we need a big name like Arshavin to put bums on seats, i maintain that stance and i won’t budge on it.

Earlier today there were reports that a deal was dead in the water, we had

Deal or no deal?

Deal or no deal?

refused to travel to St. Petersburg and we were way off what they were offering.

Reports since then are saying that we have upped our offer by up to €5 million. If this is the case i think we should get him, but it probably is a bit over the odds for the player and it will be a gamble as he is not match fit at the moment.Whilst the Russian press is saying that we have agreed personal terms with Arshavin.

This article in Russia stated,

“According to our information, negotiators from Arsenal,  headed by executive director of the club, Ivan Gazidis received permission from management to increase its last offer of a further five million.”

There you have it, it seems that we have made our final offer, we have added another 5 million onto our previous 12 million offer and Zenit will tell us later on if they will accept it.

Arshavin wants to come here more than anything, he is ‘praying’ for it,

“My hopes now rest with God. Apart from him, nobody can help me,”

£17 million really should do it as even he has accepted his value by Zenit is way over the top

“My intentions to leave the club have not changed since the summer.

“Zenit have to think realistically. I believe that Arsenal’s offer is much closer to my real value in the transfer market at the moment.”

“It is obvious that in these times of [financial] crisis, no one will offer such a big amount.

Its D-Day then.

Right, enough of that.

Adebayor has said that Arsenal are in a better position than last season in the table to win the title, we have dropped off the radar and could sneak up and catch the leaders,

“We are in a better position because everyone has forgotten about Arsenal. Arsenal are still alive and at the end of the season we will see what we can achieve.”

I still maintain we will win something this season, if its not the league, the FA Cup is a very realistic possibility if Wenger doesn’t put the kids out at the weekend!

We are also the second most valuable sports club in the country behind Man Utd and the seventh in the world, behind Real Madrid. The Forbes list is as follows;

Man Utd (EPL): $1.8bn
Dallas Cowboys (NFL): $1.6bn
Washington Redskins (NFL): $1.5bn
New England Patriots (NFL): $1.32bn
New York Yankees (MLB): $1.3bn
Real Madrid (La Liga): $1.29bn
Arsenal (EPL): $1.2bn
New York Giants (NFL): $1.18bn
New York Jets (NFL): $1.17bn
Houston Texans (NFL): $1.17bn

I think we can be very proud of that.

There have been some pictures of Gael Clichy uploaded by faker who you can visit on the right hand side in the blogroll, lets just say, he is having a good time by the looks of things.

Nice bird there Gael! More pics here.

As he is resting for this weekend im not bothered at all by this, its what most twenty-somethings do in their spare time so why should he be any different?

Its not like you hear of him staggering out of clubs before matchdays is it?

Right i think thats your lot for today, are you proud to see our club worth $1.2 billion? I sure as hell am. What are your thoughts on that?

Talk in the comments.

Til’ tomorrow

Happy Arshavining.


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  1. thanks for the link goon 🙂

  2. no probs mate!

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