If We Don't Get Arshavin Expect More Empty Seats

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My fellow Gooners;

I stand here today, miffed, at the length of this supposed transfer.

At the time of writing there are conflicting reports that the deal is in jeopardy. Arsenal have refused to fly out to St.Petersburg and Zenit have rejected another offer.

To be honest, i don’t know who is in the wrong.

“Arsenal don’t understand what is going on at all – no-one is answering their phone-calls or returning their faxes,”

That is according to a source close to the deal, and if that is the case then Zenit are a bunch of money grabbing, game playing flirtatious gits.

Then there is the other side, Arsenal will not go above £12 million and Zenit are still holding out for more despite a threat from Dennis Lachter that Arshavin would use Fifa rule number 17 to get Arshavin out of the club,

“We will not go out of contract with Zenit in the Summer, we will wait until November. In November he will be able to use his right to buy out Article 17 of the FIFA rules.

“Zenit will be forced to accept a much lower deal than they are hesitating to take now.”

The longer this goes on the less i dislike Lachter, in fact i almost feel sorry for the guy because negotiating between a money grabbing, game playing club and a stingy stubborn club with a player in-between that is desperate to get out sounds like absolute hell.

But the Man City story is lurking again, Lachter though has catagorically said they have not been in contact,

“Nobody contacted me from Manchester City, it’s the reality. They have been very busy…no?”

That kind of wraps it up then, they are not interested, yet.

According to a Russian source its Arsenal that are being the bad guys in this shambles of a transfer,

“Arsenal have refused to increase their offer for Andrei above £12m. If the Londoners come over to Russia to meet with us there is a very good chance they will get Arshavin. But so far that hasn’t happened as Arsenal say they see no point in having discussions in St. Petersburg.”

Thanks to Gunnerblog for that, you can go there via the blog-roll on the right hand side.

Now, like you i am sick to the back teeth of all this. Id like nothing more than to know what is really going on as there are enough reports to last a bloody lifetime at the moment, all with different stories. Thats why i have personally mailed Dennis Lachter hoping to get a few words. Im not optimistic though.

Let me say this now. There are no real stars at Arsenal at the moment, there is Fabregas but he is not playing. ‘Van Persie is a star’ you might say, but he has been injured a lot and is still not the big name that a player like Arshavin is.

He has shot to the forefront and there will not be a football fan in the counry that has not heard of him. He would sell tickets, he would add that extra spark, he would create the most exitement since we signed…

i can’t remember us signing a star before.

The board is motivated by money and he would draw the crowds in, big names are not always the best players but with 7,000 corporate seats up for renewal we need a reason for them to stay.

Adebayor, Toure, Clichy, Sagna, Almunia, Song, Nasri, Denilson and so on are not big enough names to draw in crowds.

I prefer substance over style but we do need a star player.

The seats are getting emptier by the game, the ‘credit crunch’ is biting harder than ever, but you can only be sure of one thing.

Its going to get worse.

Great Britain’s first sport is football, nearly every member of the population over the age of five supports a football team, a lot of those people want to see players with big names on the pitch that they admire. Just look at the turnout in LA for David Beckham’s arrival. Im just rambling now.

But my message is, in the famous words of Barrack Obama;

On THIS day we need to sign a player of Arshavin’s class and stature

In THIS season we need to complete the Arsenal machine

Lets hope one side of this so called transfer will break, and soon.

May i just say that Barrack Obama is possibly the best orator i have ever heard. Good luck to him.

Til’ tomorrow Goons, would you give up your ticket if we don’t get Arshavin?


28 Responses to “If We Don't Get Arshavin Expect More Empty Seats”

  1. This will be the last time I will be visiting your website.
    You are certainly intitled to your opinion. Certainly.
    However, I firmly believe that you must have a dead rat up your arse.
    AFC are doing the best they can. AFC over acheived in 07/08 – and came so close in winning the league.
    AFC cannot compete with Satan (the RED DEVILS) financially.

    The prospect of AFC having sucess based on the cash cow is not one for me. I would dread to support AFC if it became a ManUre or a Chelski.
    I base sucess on human realtions not on fake cash cows.
    Hisitory and record books show that ManU have won silverware recently. But the truth is that it has been achived on the back of falsehood and meglomania.

    Godspeed to AFC.

  2. Arsharvin would make a good player here, but without him we aren’t too shabby either. There are many other players under the radar, so don’t be surprise to see another ‘Eduardo’ signed. Chikaoui is reportedly being considered. Check this Tunisian out, he has true Zidane’s poise.

  3. i just dont get it.. If it is true that arsenal arent willing to go above 12 mil then how do they explain spending 13 mil on that wiltord back in 2000. he was crap for that money !!

    Arshavin is a walk at the moment for just 15 mill but on todays market he is easily worth anything between 15-20 mill..

    Sure we have talent coming through but when? and even so we still wont have the DEPTH to sustain us when injuries hit us like now..

    We need arshavin , he has the goods and he has possibly 3-4 good years of football in front of him..That makes him worth the price they are asking for..

  4. Dont give up,kip talks in progress we shall sign the man.all from uga-nners based in uganda.

  5. Well we might as well buy Kaka then. You are a dunce by the way, I would just like to let you know.

  6. id rather av arshavin on the right wing than eboue.we av no wingers apart from rosicky,walcott and wilshere NASRI IS A CM.tr7 and tw14 will not feature till april,eduardo is not fit,fab14 till april.we will win nothing with eboue,bendy,denilsong,diaby NEVER!!

  7. This is my first visit to ur site…

    and will be my last,

    We are no idiots to give away our season tickets, neither are we 12 year olds to act so stupid,

    Arsenal runs in the blood

  8. This is by far the worst crap I’ve read as a gooner! So the hell what if the guy comes?… Look he’s done ok in the Euro’s His club are out of the champions league… In fact I don’t hear anything much from him other than the Euro’s! But Kaka I hear alot about, Henry I hear alot about, Eto I still hear about, Beckham I still hear about even Ronaldiniho I hear about. WHAT THE HELL YOU HEAR ABOUT ARSHVIN!!!! Other than Arsenal want to sign him.

    He’s a great player I’m sure and will add to the magnifcent group we have! Don’t be dissing our squad. All the guys mentioned are stars! Van P is great! have the club ever signed a star?…. Bergie hell yea!

    wiltord was shit… what the hell you talking about! Witord was the man! You really don’t love Arsenal I think your a secret Zenit lover who wants Arsenal cash. Dont write crap about Arsenal again. Go join Man City and pray their money can buy more stars like Robiniho, who looks like leaving anyway. Know more of your history then write about Arsenal! This tripe just mad me have a bad start to the morning. Who ever we buy willbe quality if we don’t yea we’ll struggle but We’ll… I’ll still be a gooner and get a chance to buy my tickets!!

  9. Goonblogger, agreed – ‘star wanted’. We not only need him, but i suspect we may just get him as he seems keen on Arsenal, the trouble has always been the club.

  10. dear gunners lets be patient till da last minute of the transfer window. but surely somebody ought to give

    gooner4 lyf

  11. Again it seems we are being cheated by the board
    We need to sign 3 players still the holding midfield has not been filled
    We mist out on Alonso in the summer for the sake of 3 million
    We are no Man City but with Spurs and others spending millions
    We wont buy anyone miss out on 4th loose 10 million in the process and start a downward spirrel
    Does anyone realy think that with a midfield of Eboue,Diaby,Denilson,and even Song we are going to win something this yeat or indeed qualify for 4th place?

  12. i dont see why people see this as a bad blog?

    ive used the figures, 7000 corporate seats up for renewal and the crowds are getting less every week.

    We need a big name to attract people to the game…

  13. Van Persie is an absolute superstar
    He has probably been the best player this past month in the whole EPL.
    If you won’t attend the game because Arshavin wont come, then give your ticket to someone who will take it to the game with some passion.

  14. Does anyone really believe that we are going to sign Arshavin ??
    Do you really think that Arsene is going to spend 12-15 million on a 28 year old with no sell on value.
    This is all a smokescreen, Arsenal have no money to spend in the window especially on an unproven Russian who has only impressed in 2 games in the Euros.

  15. did we not sell helb last season…wtf is the money? why are we pretending to be a big club…

  16. did we not sell helb last season…wtf is the money? why are we pretending to be a big club…well said blogger. this article is what we are all asking.

  17. Thank you jefferson and LR you said it all. It will be my last visit to this blog. Zenit want to stall the process to see if Manc will join the race, thats all. If we evaluate the player at 12mil then it is 12mil. I believe the negotiations are still in progress so lets wait.
    In the mean time if anyone wants to support a team for the number of stars in it then please feel free to support Chavski, or even Tottenham (they have Roman who had a good Euro cup with russia) Man C got robino so go ahead and leave arsenal for us. I am happy with our progress, we are building a future, we are making players, and I will be happy for eboue to cover for 2 months until theo and rosicky are back.
    Gooner Against Glory Hunters

  18. I love the red-white shirt, and it doesnt mater who is in it … and I will always love you…if you are there for names …go and search where are biger ones, leave us with our club.
    If it is about Arshavin, why than you dont suport Zenit St Petersburg

  19. DINO/FON- yes thats what I will do go support another team OR maybe ill feel entitled to give an opinion of the declining of our team over the last few years. £12 million is not enough for a player like Ardshavin FFS in todays market.

    Gooner Against Mindless Sheep.

  20. The problem as i see it, are fans trying to be the manager – why not leave the the trials & tribulations to those who are paid and responsible for these matters. So far all the “STORIES” in the media still remain as speculation. as for giving up your seat if Arshavin is not signed (Grow up) there was life before him and will be life after, just as there was life after Viera / Henry and the rest. Remember the fuss about Hleb, a player who very little is heard of these days! There is a pattern and that seems to be players at Arsenal find a special groove for themselves which is rarely replicated when they move to other clubs. Good times are ahead so lets be patient.

  21. Why criticise me for saying whats true?

    We need a big name because they will draw in fans and it will put bums on seats.

    I am not a season ticket holder, i go to as many games as i can but i have financial restraints.

    And all those saying that i am not a proper gooner… ive been a gooner all my life ffs, don’t you dare call me a glory supporter and all that shit.

  22. than you should know that there is no bigger name than Arsenal

  23. Well i am a United fan but I have to say something. I go to a number of footy blogs across the country, looking at their content.

    I PERSONALLY thought that this opinion of the goonblogger was very good and you people criticizing are stupid. Jefferson Davis, LR Gunner take a look at yourselves. You people made some poor points, and the goonblogger’s comment above me were spot on!

    Note to Goonblogger: Keep up the goodwork, don’t listen to those people who just don’t understand anything.

    Note to Jefferson Davis: YOU must have a dead rat up your arse!

  24. The goon: It’s not a bad blog!
    You include some very good points, you’re a good writer and the way is is written is better than some across the country. Not just the Arsenal blogs, others too!

    I’ll say it again, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  25. Mr Man u… what have I said that was poor enough for me to look at myself? Bums on seats are not only generated by big names! further more the reason some people don’t come out is not because the stars aren’t there but simply they can’t afford it. So if that’s the case it wouldn’t matter if we bought the stars.

    For a blog to begin “If We Don’t Get Arshavin Expect More Empty Seats” Is Poor in itself. Especially as a gooner something you won’t know about Manutd Fan! that’s why I wrote so passionately. That’s why I would be telling you off Goonerblogger! No one player will make the team. He may be a great player and will make a good addition but Arsenal will be after he is!

    We have not demised over the past few years we have nout to show for our great football… That is the sorry fact, but we’re close and I’m still loving watching Arsenal. I say that with Pride! I agree with a few points made by Goonerblogger… but his foundatios are weak so that is why This blogg is too.

    What did you say you were doing on here anyway Manutd Fan? feeding fire aye?

  26. […] If We Don’t Get Arshavin Expect More Empty Seats My fellow Gooners; I stand here today, miffed, at the length of this supposed transfer. At the time of writing there […] […]

  27. Keep writing goonblogger! i wasn’ critcising you – merely giving my point of veiw, which disagrees with yours and that is the point of these pages – a place for us to debate our opinions (it seems you have made some new friends & maybe they will invite you to Old trafford for a cup of T n slice of cake)

  28. […] The seats are getting emptier by the game , the ‘credit crunch’ is biting harder than ever, but you can only be sure of one thing. Its going to get worse. Great Britain’s first sport is football , nearly every member of the population …[Continue Reading] […]

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