Revealed: Truth Behind Sagna's Hair – Arshavin To Pay Transfer Fee Himself?

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Well whilst Man Citeh play silly buggers with Kaka and are occupying the media with the worlds most farcical of transfer offers it gives us the perfect chance to grab Andrei Arshavin on the sly. Zenit and Lachter won’t be pleased as the press have cottoned onto something else and won’t be focusing on their beloved Owl boy.

The latest info is that Arshavin is prepared to pay the middle ground between the Arsenal offer and the Zenit estimation of him, all this comes courtesy of this Russian tabloid, and this Arsenal blog.

This has never, ever happened before. But, the little git is still looking to take care of number one as he has demanded that he has the same wage packet as at Zenit, about 85-90 thousand a week. Disgusting figures. Now, this article is not 100% trustworthy but are the Russian press as bad as the English? I somehow doubt it.

Its clear Arshavin is itching to get out of there, Arsenal are probably attempting to gain the upper hand by pushing Zenit into a corner, a corner being the end of the transfer window that is starting to come very fast. Its a massive test of Glazidis’ judgement and metal, and his skills in bargaining against one of the toughest clubs out there, after all, its not like oiled up Zenit need the money. Its greed.

Now i have a letter for Dennis Lachter;

Dearest Dennis,

You are really starting to annoy everyone, if you would please stop pimping (to use a Western phrase) your client around everywhere with a penny in its Piggy bank, we would be most grateful.

You have also made some rather contradicting comments these past few days, it would be much appreciated if you were consise and didn’t go to any paper offering you a say, it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t tell them a different story every time.

If you would also be a fraction less greedy it would be superb, Andrei is probably your only big time player and you are royally messing it all up for him, and your reputation is going down the drain. Search ‘Dennis Lachter’ into Google and you will find endless stories on who Andei is due to be joining ‘in the next few days’.

Please, give him his wish and stop being such a stubborn, selfish, dispicable money grabbing being and get out whilst you have a modicombe of respect left in tow.

Kindest regards,

Goonblogger & The Goon Blog Readers.

Oh and Andrei.

Right, onto the BAK!

According to this source, Sagna’s hair was a result of a bet between him and his dad, the bet was that if Sagna scored in his next game he would have to change his hairstyle to one of his dad’s choice.

As you can see, he scored!

Not only once, but twice!

For what its worth he is one of my favourite players and one of Wengers greatest additions to this team, he is the leagues best right back by a country mile and his acrobatic clearance off the goal-line at Villa just shows that. He is a natural footballer with one of the sharpest brains out there, he is frighteningly consistent and he is by far the teams most consistent player.
£6 million for Sagna, £11 for Wayne Bridge, who is half the player.

Thats Arsene’s genius for you.

Right guys i think i will leave it there for today. There may or may not be a post tomorrow, if there is one it will be later today.

Til next time.


5 Responses to “Revealed: Truth Behind Sagna's Hair – Arshavin To Pay Transfer Fee Himself?”

  1. great article, love the bakari story! he’s one of my favourite players too, never complains, always plays well, has a fantastic attitude and can attack and defend with the stamina of an Olympic marathon runner. one of the best buys we’ve had and it was done quietly, not like arshavins…

  2. Mate, lactcher is doing his best, he can’t force the club to sell, you should know that much. Two weeks ago lachter revealed Arshavin was headed to Arsenal, you should probably stick with that and keep your skirt on. Also, johnson at pompey is not half bad either, and forget comparisons to city, the way they’re going they will buy a gaggle of the world’s best and make a complete hash of it – they want instant success.

  3. i agree wid marklar…and with you on your letter to dennis lachter:D

  4. To be honest I can’t think of a better right back in the world than Sagna and he still has his best years ahead of him. I think its important that we invest in one of two players but the squad doesn’t need ‘major reconstruction’ like some fans are saying. More importantly players whose contractsa are running low need to be our priority over signings like arshavin. WaLCOTT and Van Persie’s are running dangerously low and I think we need to pick up the pace if ( especially) the latter is to stay.

  5. […] Revealed: Truth Behind Sagna’s Hair – Arshavin To Pay Transfer Fee Himself? Well whilst Man Citeh play silly buggers with Kaka and are occupying the media with the worlds most farcical of […] […]

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