Arshavin's Agent Is Trying To Play Games With Us

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Well yesterday was a day of transfer excitement for Gooners as Zenit’s Maxim transfertitle35Mitrofanov, the club’s general director went on Sky Sports News and said Arsenal were in talks for Andei Arshavin.

Its understood that we have opened the bidding at £12 million, a reasonable price for a 17 year old who has no experience in any of Europe’s top leagues and has only played two blinding games at Euro 2008. I think any more than £14.5 million would be a total and utter con, it is undoubtably a ploy from Zenit to start a bidding war to get as much money as they can for the player.

The threat that he could buy out his contract soon means that Zenit have to shift him quick before his price tag drops substantially and this has lead to them announcing the talks, seemingly without contacting his agent Dennis Lachter.

This means that Arshavin could go for a lot less money than he hoped, lessening the cut of the price he gets for the transfer and it means him missing out on a rather large payday because Arshavin is his top client, and he will have little or no re-sale value soon.

This has lead to him saying this last night,

“People at Sky Sports had been trying to get an interview with me all day. After I refused they made the story up from their own imagination. I don’t know where they got this from. If there is a bid, then it’s one I don’t know about.”

He is clearly worried that he won’t get his money, Sky Sports do not have a history of making up big stories, i don’t fully trust them but they wouldn’t sink to’s lows.

Like all football agents, he is scum that is only interested in himself.

The fact remains that he is a rather rubbish agent, he started off saying Arshavin was worth £25 million in the summer, after the UEFA Cup Final and the Euro’s there were no clubs willing to match that fee, not even Barcelona who offered £12 million or Tottenham who are now not interested in the player.

He is doing a great job at ruining Arshavin’s dream move, he wrecked his hopes of a move to Barcelona and he then went to Tottenham to see if they would shell out mega millions for his services, Arshavin had none of it.

Lachter knows Arsenal don’t spend like the other top English clubs and he is scared of not getting a lot of money. Its disgraceful and he should be sent packing by Arshavin. He is attempting to over-ride the club of his client. He has been at it all year, lies lies lies lies lies. He has squadered moves and i think Zenit are now taking control of the situation and are willing to force a deal through, Arshavin has remained in Russia through his holidays in order to push a deal through so he will leave Zenit this January, but the question remains. Will it be to Arsenal?

Im still of the opinion that we need a defensive midfielder as a matter of urgency, we have Coquelin in the reserves but he is a good 3 years too young and we could do with another 27-28 year old who can fill in whilst the natural evolution takes place. Arseblogger yesterday said Bullard is one player that could join this transfer window but really, he isn’t a defensive player at all.

What do you think on this, is Dennis Lachter taking us for a ride? Will we get Arshavin or is Wenger looking elsewhere?

Let me know

Til next time goons.

Edit: I will bring you the last 3 players of my ‘who to watch out for in 2009’ post tomorrow so tune in for that!


9 Responses to “Arshavin's Agent Is Trying To Play Games With Us”

  1. we will get arshavin. don’t believe a wordthe agent says.
    the person I believe is arsene wenger. he hasn’t denied the arshavin interest like he has with given, inler etc, and he also said it wouldn’t matter if a player was champions league cup tied as long as they were of high quality. this sounds like arshavin.
    also, I think wenger ha faith in alex song and/or denilson in the defensive midfield role. he needs someone to fill in for nasri when nasri plays central. I think the midfield will look like this (cbsidering injuries to Walcott, fabregas and rosicky)
    eboue-nasri-denilson-arshavin possibly with song behind if we play adebayor or the Dutch meister up front alone.

  2. nasri will be playing more central since fabregas is injured. come on wenger we can do with 2 more buy. a dm and a center defender

  3. Agreed, Arshavin looks to be coming to us but the move is dependent upon: 1) he wants afc, as another club could outbid us, 2) it’s a reasonable fee and wage structure(ie, again, he wants afc). He can plug a lot of holes in our current team and score a bit as well. Yes, we do need others too however, principally dm and cb.

  4. i want to thank arsene wenger for sofar a good job towards bringing archavin. keep it up

    we still have hope that if archavin joins, then the premier league will no longer be a challenge to arsenal like to day

    secondary, his joining will boost the morare of the rest of the team members even during the champions league despite the fact that he is cup tied

    thank you

  5. He seems like a good player.. But his agent sounds like a total piece of shit… Hope the deal goes through.. And hope Arshavin fxxcks his agent.

  6. sounds good… don’t worry about the money. just sell bendther and eboue. from that money, we can use to buy arshavin. benther and eboue are useless…

  7. If anyone has seen Arshavin play for more than the two games in EURO’s then they know he is a top player. Most people have only seen that yet still feel they can fully judge him. A top player and if we agree the fee the only thing stopping him is his work rate.
    As for the Russian league it’s not the best in the world but is stronger than you think. Bankrolled by Russian Oligarchs it has increased in quality plus they are developing good homegrown players.
    I wrote about agents and Latcher a few days ago and now look whats happened. Hopefully we get him though.

  8. I still think we ought to have splashed out on xabi alonso. We need a player with prem experience who can deliver instantly and not, “he needs his time to gel with the squad” bit that one hears after the player proves he’s a bit of a crock for a season or so.

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