Wenger Has 'Located' Transfer Targets – Toure To Stay

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transfertitle3“First of all you have to find the player, identify him, convince him to come here and at the moment that is not easy. We have located a few though.”

That is optimistic i have to say, maybe Wenger will surprise us and bring in a star, id be content with players of Sagna and Eduardo’s caliber that come in at between £6-9 million because they were really good finds from Arsene.

He has not really ruled out us paying up to £20 million for a player, reading between the lines in these comments, he says he won’t pay ‘crazy money’, and doesn’t understand why we are linked with players with massive price tags, he doesn’t state where the line is that makes a transfer fee ‘crazy’:

“we are linked with players of £30-£40 million because that’s not realistic.”

Is £20-25 million therefore realistic? Its as clear as mud and he is really being cagey this transfer window, more than normal. He is regurgitating the same phrases we have heard for years but i feel he is going to buy.

Kolo Toure has retracted his transfer request according to, its good news and according to Wenger he is playing better than ever:

“Kolo did have a little problem when he came back from the African Nations Cup [earlier this year]. He wasn’t exactly the same sharpness any more. Now, he has come back to his best level and he works very hard in training.

“He is a fantastic guy, Kolo Toure.”

This comment smacks of a big crisis of confidence for Toure, Wenger usually makes comments like that when players are really struggling confidence wise, its as clear as day that Toure is not playing his best.

I think its a good thing, if he went it would be a sad day but i wouldn’t cry over it because he has not been himself for at least a year. He deserves a chance to prove he can reach his highest level again, a level where he is on par with the best central defenders in the world.

This is still the same Kolo Toure that thought a weeks wage packet was his yearly sum and gave it back to the club.

Meanwhile it looks like Aaron Ramsey will start later on against Plymouth, in a side that is not going to be changed much by Wenger, who has also confirmed that Fabianski will be in goal for the whole tournament. I think that might show that he is favouring the Champions League this season, all the other top team will play their first choice keepers for the majority of the cup but no, not Arsenal!

I think the fact that Wenger will not be putting the ‘kids’ out shows how bad this season is going, normally at home to Plymouth Argyle he would put out the Carling Cup side, no doubts about it, but i think he feels the team need a big win to boost confidence ahead of what will be a massive month for the team:

“I believe that my team are on a good run and they are looking stronger and stronger. They have matured mentality-wise and this competition is a good opportunity to show it. The gap between the Premier League and Championship has been reduced and so I believe at the moment we are not in a position to lose – we just want to win.”

Its one way to instill a winning mentality i suppose.

I’m banking on an Arsenal win on what i think is our greatest chance of getting a trophy this season, Chelsea will be giving it their all in the league as they are probably going to be around the top come the latter stages of the season, Man Utd the same whilst having to deal with their fixture congestion, whilst Liverpool will go all out to try and win the Premiership for the first time. That means if we give the competition our all we could well end up in the final, and then anything can happen. Heaven knows we might even win the damn thing.

The game is not being broadcasted on live tv but this site claim to be showing it so keep a look out there. Keep an eye out here too

I’m predicting a 3-0 win so lets put on a show please lads. Lets know your predictions in the comments.

Come on you redssss!

Til Tomorrow, i’ll have all the latest stories right here.


7 Responses to “Wenger Has 'Located' Transfer Targets – Toure To Stay”

  1. I tip an Arsenal 4 Plymouth 0 score in the FA Cup.

  2. May God bless ARSENAL

  3. you have to really be careful when it comes to playing these so called ‘small teams’ they could as well be a real pain in the ass, this may be a real confidence boost when it comes to the issue of the winning mentality, lets not forget that it can also be damaging if we lose considering the fact that we are playing at the emirates, wenger should be weary of the fact that the transfer window will open and if the players dont see trophies coming, they may leave, they have options you know? imagine what mancity will pay for an injured fabregas!lol

  4. Well it doesn’t look like Fabregas would win much more at Man City!

    I never knew that fact about Toure, but he is still one of my favourite players in the squad and has been for the past few years. I remember his tremendous run in the champions league when we hit the final in 2006. He consistently amazed me in every match.

    When I heard he’d requested a transfer I was gutted. Our defensive depth is a joke at the moment. I think it was a big reason that we’ve underachieved over the past two or three years. This year, I was pretty bewildered by the signing of Silvestre, but glad that it was an experienced defensive backup player. But then he went and loaned out Traore and Senderos, just after selling Hoyte… err, one average player to replace three players in an already stretched defence? Oh Arsene!

    Toure is a great player and I hope he returns to his best and commits to Arsenal. I have a feeling that if he doesn’t leave now though, he’ll depart in the summer 😦

  5. My nephew from London, came to visit me in Manchester, and he left this site on the computer. I’m a United fan, but on the side it says Gallas: From hero to Villain?

    Don’t you mean villain to hero?

  6. basically its meant to mean that when he gets important goals he is a hero, but at the slightest sign of any mistake he is public enemy number one. Its a little dig at the fickleness of fans in the football world

  7. I tip Cardiff City 1 Arsenal 2 in today’s FA Cup match. I think the bgoals will come from Van Persie and Nasri. Thanks.

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