Shocker As Arshavin's Agent Says He Will Be A Gunner! – Whats New?

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Andrei Arshavin’s agent should get a job for the Daily Star because he is doing a fine job of making up moves to Europe’s top teams for his client.

He has now reportedly said that Arshavin is on the move to us and its only a matter of days:

“Andrei is rated by Wenger who wanted him to sign [for Arsenal] last summer. This transfer would please everyone but we must wait a few days for confirmation.”

The source for these is this website, who are not the most rock solid of sources to say the least, but you never know whats happening in the world of Wenger!

Ive said before that Arshavin would be welcome at the club but i don’t think he would chance our fortunes, he would take a long time to adapt, he is approaching 28 years of age and would be very expensive. The figure floating around at the moment is less than the sum being floated earlier on in the year, it sounds like its been revised to £12 million, which would be worth it, he is after all a class player.

Inler has also firmly ruled himself out of any Arsenal move with his latest comments, i have to say, i do respect him for saying this as it shows some players genuinely care about the team they play for:

‘I have a three-year deal with Udinese. I am not interested in transfer issues. My manager deals with that. My target now is the success of Udinese. I am happy with the team and am not interested in Arsenal. I run out onto the field and play; I don`t care about the rest.’

Well that is pretty plain to see and should won’t dispell rumours of a switch to us, i really am getting fed up with the useless hacks that re-generate stories time and time again, they are lazy good for nothing scumbags who earn their money making up trollop any person could.

The Mirror (shock horror) have also made up an article claiming that we have hi-jacked Man Utd’s bid for Serbian winger Zoran Tosic. Its unfounded, its stirring and it is again, rubbish.

The Daily Star (name sound familiar?) are also on Wengers case claiming that he is getting annoyed at the amount of cash he is being given, they have dug out these comments from PH-W:

“We have got money, but I am not sure we are going to spend a lot of it. We’ve got to continue to run the business in a sensible way. It may sound boring, but we are not going to rush out and spend fortunes on people who won’t help us achieve anything better than where we are at the moment.”

Buying  a defensive midfielder would get us a hell of a lot further than we are now, this ‘businuess’ is also a football club that is supported by millions worldwide and is also the most expensive football club in the world to support. Just you remember that when you are sitting in your mansion sipping 80 year old malt whiskey Peter.

Our friends over at Young Guns have broke the news, first as always, that Wilshere is now a pro after he turned 17 yesterday.  His deal, thought to be 8 years in length has put him on a wage of at least £8,000 a week. Monsterous.

I asked you readers who are your top wanted transfers, the general consensus is that Arshavin is not good enough, i urge you to watch this video.

He is undoubted quality but i doubt his adaptability and professionalism after his antics in the summer with Zenit.

Cana is also a favourite, i think he would be a superb addition and would give us that bite we need in the middle of the park, ive called for him to be signed before a few months ago and i really hope he ends up in the old red and white.

Id also like to shout out that Antonio Valencia could be a decent player on our left hand side, his name has not been put about at all and he would not be too expensive, Steve Bruce owe’s Wenger one after he advised Bruce to sign Palacios.

What do you think about Valencia, do you rate him? Let me know in the comments.

Thats your lot for today, keep reading as i will comment on every credible piece of transfer speculation right here.

Til tomorrow.


11 Responses to “Shocker As Arshavin's Agent Says He Will Be A Gunner! – Whats New?”

  1. A. Valencia would defnitely be a useful addition to Arsenal or any team. Somebody said the other day that he is considered by some to be the best right winger in the prem bar Ronaldo. He’s still ptetty young too right?

  2. You are right.

    The Arse board run a business and the football is incidental. That’s what has got us into this trouble.

    It’s the fan’s money and we want 4 players and to be Champions. We can’t do that with a team that can’t beat Stoke and Hull.

  3. All good points.

    I think Arshavin is quality, but i don’t like his attitude at all, since the euro’s he has not acted with any class at all in the way he has tried to engineer his move away from Zenit. If funds are low then we Definately need two midfielders, but only wenger knows who.

    If he is denied funds by the board though, i can see him becoming restless and although i do not think he would walk out of a contract, i fear for whether he would extend it.

  4. Great video, but on youtube every player looks world class as it shows only the best scenes a player had.

  5. Great video, but on youtube every player looks world class as it shows only the best scenes a player had. Still very impressive, very long

  6. Arshavin can be a big byte in the team! In the area of money the board now complain of i guess this guys are deceiving us all.

  7. Yeah adi he is in his early 20’s, let hope he sends the spuds out tonight!

  8. i really like your site i read it daily

  9. cheers mate! glad you enjoy reading

  10. well i do think arsenal need him. he is a good asset to any team. personally i support chelsea so i wish he join them. but we dont need a player like him. but i think he completely fits into the wenger philosphy and can be great in epl for sure.

    best of luck

  11. arshavin and cana please get them arsen

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