Is Wenger About To Bring In Elano? – Arsene Admits Arsenal's Money Worries

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“We already have many young players so, if we buy, it will be somebody who is ready to play straight away. A loan deal could also be a possibility.

Elano Arriving?

Elano Arriving?

These are the words of Arsene Wenger in his programme notes from the weekends game. They back up the news that we got saying Wenger was interested in bringing in unsettled Man Citeh playmaker Elano. Wenger has admitted that the loss of Cesc, Walcott and Rosicky has left a wafer thin squad on its knees and re-inforcements are needed urgently:

“Cesc is a long way from playing again, so are Tomas Rosicky and Theo Walcott, and these are three creative players that we count on at the start of the season. So what we might need is someone who can create a little spark.”

Elano is certainly a player that is more than capable of this, i really like him and was pig sick to see him in a Citeh shirt last season. He was on fire this time a year ago and would have walked into most top teams in Europe.

A name that refuses to go away is Arshavin.

I really really doubt Wenger would throw away £20 mil on a 28 year old with attitude problems, i think this is a smokescreen to shield what he really has up his sleeve because he is right when he says if you mention your targets their value increases along with interest in them.

A loan deal also suits the club because of the financial crisis and Wenger has admitted as much:

‘I can’t spend money I don’t have. The [global financial] crisis is upon us and we feel it at the club.’

One man we most definitely won’t be buying is Toure’s brother, Yaya. He has said he only wants to stay at Barca and can you blame him with them in their current form? No.

I think we will certainly buy in the transfer market and we need at least 2 midfielders, one out and out winger and a decent defender. I really doubt we will get all of them but Havard Nordveit is eligable to play for us from January 1st so he might be a shock solution and might get a game against Plymouth at the weekend.
Apart from that im not really going to speculate that much into new signings and all that so i’ll leave it there for today.

Take it easy.


7 Responses to “Is Wenger About To Bring In Elano? – Arsene Admits Arsenal's Money Worries”

  1. getting elano would be a great buy as is gettin harvard back. but wen is traore coming home? he’s been developing great for portsmouth…

  2. i want arshavin!!!!!
    btw guys do check out ma new blog
    im a new blogger so certainly i need u guys help…a blog is nothing without readers..

  3. I think Traore is coming home at the end of the season as there is no call back clause

  4. hey thnx for da compliment and suggestions man….
    i wanted to ask how do i get ma blog to goonernews?

  5. Ive commented how to do that on your blog mate

  6. Well the problem with Armand is that Clichy is really still one of the best left backs in the league so even if Traore were to come back there’s very little place for him. The only solution I could see is to move Clichy into the defensive midfield role and give Traore the left back position. I’ve seen Clichy run his socks off, shut down opposition wide right plays and completely dominate the left flank – why couldn’t he do that for the middle of the park? In any case now that you have mentioned Elano another Brazilian came to my mind and that’s Danny from Zenit who is actually in much better form than Arshavin at that club. Doubt if we could beat the 44M Zenit spent on him though.

  7. I think Traore is more of a winger than Clichy WC, so i could see him playing LM role.

    Barazite is probably returning from loan and he looks a decent player

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