'they let me do what i want to do' – Wenger. Is This The Problem At Arsenal?

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“They [the Board] let me do what I want to do,”

This isnt a dig at Wenger as he is a hero of mine, i admire him, his footballing philosophy and i will be forever grateful for what he has done for Arsenal but could that statement show where we are going wrong?

For many years now Arsene Wenger has done as he has pleased, and he has done it with the interests of the club at heart from his perspective. But maybe it time for the board to say, ‘come on Arsene, we really need to win something this year. Are you 100% confident this team can win something?’. I don’t think he would say yes.

Wenger is a very very clever man, he is astute, faithful and always has the interests of the club at heart as he would not make a club suffer for the sake of his pride. He needs to spend in January to win something and i wonder if someone such as Fiszman has had a quiet word with him, after all, his money is in the club and football is a results business. 5 defeats by the 20th December is not really on for a club of this stature.

I do not for one minute think that Wenger will ever be sacked by the club, the same scenario as Alex Ferguson is in, but i really do think that a little word with Wenger could just persuade him to buy because he already knows some fans support is starting to wane, he has said about it,

“we want our fans and everyone to contribute”

A win on Sunday would undoubtedly win some fans support back, it would put us back in the mix because (Ive said it before and i’ll say it again), with everything that has gone on this season, i.e. the ‘top 4’ being beaten fairly regularly, i would not write Arsenal off winning it. Yet.

The latest transfer news seems to be typically ‘Wengerish’ though, Boulogne defender Steven Mouyokolo has been linked to us in a 4 million pound deal, i have to say ive never heard of this bloke before but his team are sitting second in the French league so he and his defence must be doing something right.

I think what we need above all is some experienced winners in the side, im on about players that have won domestic leagues and cups, and quite a lot of them at that. Not many players have that at the club and i think once you have won something you want it more than someone who has not won something, once bitten, twice as deadly as the saying goes.

Arsenal v Roma

Arsenal v Roma

Anyway, onto the main news i suppose, we drew Roma in the Champions League.

One of the best draws there in my opinion, their record in England is nothing short of abysmal and our record in Italy is nothing short of fantastic. Some of our recent results are beating Roma 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico, beating Inter 5-1 at the San Siro and that memorable 2-0 win over AC Milan. People will say, ‘Oh, i wish we would have drawn Panathinaikos‘, but in my opinion that would be a far tougher game as they are lesser opposition. Funnily enough, thats the way Arsenal operate.

There is a possiblility that all English clubs could be out by the quarter finals if something goes wrong, there are some monster draws and for the first time, Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool are having a dose of what we regually have, a bloody tough draw.

Inter Milan v Manchester United

Real Madrid v Liverpool

Chelsea v Juventus

They are going to be some damn good games, and i can see two of the four English clubs going out, we have the best draw out the lot so we should be going through.

This blog is for all you gooners to read what i say, have an opinion on it and vent your opinion, we have on average over 600 people a day reading this but only a handful of comments. Feel welcome to leave your views, we won’t critizise you, we may argue our point or disagree with you but we will never disrespect you because of your views. This is not like other blogs, you can have your opinion, we are not dictators!

You really are quite welcome to comment!

Until next time, have a great day and don’t spend too much money on pointless Christmas presents, we are in a recession and the government are……. don’t get me started on this!



9 Responses to “'they let me do what i want to do' – Wenger. Is This The Problem At Arsenal?”

  1. Good article, could not agree more.

    A.S Roma, good draw, I am happy as long as we do not play Spanish team in that round.

    I hope that Wenger buy at least one player in january( D.M), and maybe a wide man depending on Rosicky real fitness issue..?? Walcott should not be a right midfielder but hopefully this is part of his learning program.The same as Thierry had.( out of position while at Juventus)

    Arsenal 3- liverpool 2

  2. Nice take on the possibility that AW needs to be pushed to purchase. Whatever it takes to win some silverware! Whatever AW does over summer, it has to include a MF . . . just has too . . . Cracking CL draw, some great nights of football watching.

  3. great champs draw with roma! i think we have the best draw of all the english clubs.

    AW has no choice but to buy I believe. He knows the fans are on his back, and the team attitude shows that they are not mature enough. i expect to see a signing of a defensive midfielder or a winger. though we need both i believe, we will only get one. We will not buy a defender unless one of toure or gallas is let go. most likely would be gallas. but for some reason I dont think AW will let go of gallas that easily, so no defender.. we need an every game player def. midfielder, I hope we get a veloso / affalay like combo, but those are just aspirations..maybe flamoney will come back??

  4. i av said it and will continue to say that arsene wenger is the problem of arsenal football club.Imagine the french man saying that he hsant seen anyone special to sign so as to strenghen the team.with rosisky,walcot and eduardo absence in the team.i believe we the fans has the future of the team at hand,we have the weapon to straighten things but we are not using it.

  5. i see another transefr window come and go…i see myself sittin glued to the tv as the transfer window ticks down only to end up wiv nothing and to question My managers views

    i wish i could see wat he sees and be more optimistic i jus wish i could see wat he sees……

  6. Well tell me if you know for sure Arsenal got the money. Yes we have money available should he need it but that is not much and includes and overdraft. Who in the current situation will take out money to be in further debt? Yes Wenger will probably need to buy but tell me aswell who that is realistic, won’t cost billions, champions league available and is a high quality.

    Lets just see where we are come January. The board lets him do what he wants but that comment was taken out from another comment. Here it is from

    At his pre-match press conference on Friday, the manager reiterated that HE has the final decision over potential reinforcements.

    “They [the Board] let me do what I want to do,” said Wenger. “I know how much money I can spend and I will try to do it in a wise way.”

    “I think it will be quiet [this year] because most of the clubs have no money. Except Man City.”

    Wenger will get it right. He is not pressured to buy young it is the best option because of the lack of money.

  7. Arsene should really buy a quality dm and should have been working hard to find such a player for some time now, doing so would shore up centre mid and relieve some of the pressure.

  8. “.i believe we the fans has the future of the team at hand,we have the weapon to straighten things but we are not using it.”

    Isnt that what got Newcastle the great success they are currently having? :S

  9. A couple of purchases need to be made asap.

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