Question Arsene's Judgement? – Alonso Move In Jan?

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Adebayor supports friend Eboue

Here Adebayor shows how good the team spirit is at Arsenal and how much Eboue is a part of that. He is a damn popular guy in that dressing room and i know people that have met him and passed comment on what a nice guy he is, you just have to ask, why was he subjected to this horrid abuse?

I would like to take this chance to say to all you Goon readers out there, thanks for the support shown by you lot, i am contacting the club to try and get the letter and the responses shown to Manu, yesterday we smashed the record for the sites comments and visits. That is elementary though but just shows the support the guy has with real fans of Arsenal FC.

Kolo Toure has spoken is support of Eboue and said the response was so un-Arsenal like; which it was,

“The fans gave him a hard time and that is not usual at Arsenal.”

Its a recent thing, i don’t think making scapegoats of players is the way forward at all, what does it achieve? i am a supporter of Wenger but you have to ask yourself why was he out there? I am questioning Arsene’s judgement here and saying he was wrong to put Eboue out there. He had Ramsey, Vela and Wilshere who could have played that role, maybe he went for experience? We will never know the exact reason, its ok for us to look back in hindsight but i think it was the wrong call by Arsene.

Toure goes on to praise Eboue’s commitment to the team,

“He has all our support because we know he is a great player. He tries his best for the team even if he is not 100 per cent.”

Something everyone has commented on is his commitment, its undoubted. He is not the worlds most gifted player but he is certainly not the worst, i think he is no worse than Park for United and he doesn’t get stick from the stands!

The tension was also a reason Toure thinks Eboue got that verbal assault;

“I was surprised because normally our fans are nice always. I think the tension was really high and that is why they were hard.”

True words Kolo, i have not experienced the Emirates that many times but when i have it has been a little quiet, i really don’t know why but the amount of posh seats and the ticket prices are probably the answer.

Kolo was probably upset with the abuse he got, seeing as he has known Eboue since childhood. The people that did this probably didn’t think that the Arsenal players were seeing one of their colleagues and friends getting heckled of the pitch, it was savage and if we lost points that day, they would be responsible. Dont make players scapegoats, take your problems to the manager because its him that puts the players out there.

KK said Eboue was going to chat with the manager and see where he goes from here, and hopes that he will stay at the Emirates;

“He will have a chat with the boss and I think he will come back.”

Lets just hope that’s true, work your magic Arsene!

Fan power is not the way forward, we cant let them bully players out the club. If we do that we will be the next Newcastle! that is the result of fans thinking they know best, at the end of the day, if they were good enough to manage a team they would be. End of story.

There is talk that Alonso could be on his way to Arsenal in the January transfer window, and after Wenger bidded for him on deadline day it may well be true. The price would be lower because of his champions league commitments, but he has done well this season and I’m not sure Benitez would want to let him leave, especially to a rival. I’m 50-50 on this one at the moment.

I’m sure we will buy in January as Glazidis specialises in finances and transfer negotiations, his appointment is timely and the rumours that he is going to try and renegotiate sponsorship deals only add fuel to the speculation that he is going to free money up for players to arrive.

Anyway, time for me to go

I’ll leave you with this from Toure,

“I just want to tell them that he is a great lad, he loves the club and wants to do his best for the club. We hope that next time they will help him to come back. That is the only way to behave.”

Til next time.


One Response to “Question Arsene's Judgement? – Alonso Move In Jan?”

  1. To the tune of the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York, link below if you don’t know it

    Manu eboue
    Wears the Arsenal shirt
    Came in 2003
    From the coast of Africa

    And then he raised his studs
    And gave Terry a punt
    Well that’s ok with me –
    Terry’s a right cunt

    The chavs they booed him then
    But by this time next year
    I’ve got a feeling –
    They’ll all be City fans

    So support the Arsenal
    A club with history
    Cos Manu Eboue
    Plays for the Arsenal

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