Grow up for god's sake, Quit the childplay! 3 more injures to report

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What god have we pissed off, seriously?

Theo has been sabotaged by Parker in Germany whilst “training” with the England squad, leaving us with Eboue on the right of midfield, not the greatest option when we need to score more goals than we concede. I think Ramsey could start coming into the equation as i really dont expect to see much of Wilshere until the new year;

A) As he has not signed professional terms yet

B) He is 16

These injuries are a right kick in the bum-conkers for Theo, he has had op’s on both shoulders now and lets just hope that he isnt constantly worrying about it thoughout his career, i think it is far from the career threatening injuries some crappy tabloids think it is. Wenger has confirmed his long absence;

“Theo had a dislocated shoulder and he had surgery today. He will be out three months,”

There you go, fuck off and back off you dirty tabloids.

We have two new injures this week as well, one affecting the team somewhat and another affecting the reserves;

Toure has pulled his calf muscle and is out of the Man City clash, that means that Eboue will probably go to right back if he is fit, if he is not fit i have not a clue who will play there; we are well any truly fucked. Eboue is out. it really is a sad state of affairs.

Wojciech Szczesny has bust both his arms and will be out for at least 3 months, i hope you have a speedy recovery kid. We can rule him out of playing right back then.

Arsene Wenger should ask for Theo’s wages to be paid for the duration of his injury, as arseblogger said, Wenger has said he is not willing to get compo for his injury as these things happen.


You say you have no money Arsene, use that money to fund deals in January. You wont though will you.

Gallas has been talking about trouble in the Arsenal camp and i guess it makes sense really. The players need a bloody reality check and realise when they are well off, most people are living in a recession, worrying if they will be in a damn job in a months time, this team seems so selfish its beyond belief. Take a look on the outside boys, its not all one big happy experience, you have your nice houses, flash cars and home cinemas. We have bills and unemployment. And families to feed.

Gallas says;

“When, as captain, some players come up to you and talk to you about a player…complaining about him… and then during the match you speak to this player and the player in question insults us, There comes a time where we can no longer comprehend how this can happen.

I am trying to defend myself a bit without giving names. Otherwise I’m taking it all (the blame). It’s very frustrating, I’m 31, the player is six years younger than me.”

I believe Gallas, its like in school the kids have no respect for the teachers anymore. No matter what they think of Gallas they have to respect him as a fellow professional and Arsene Wengers decision to name him as captain. I could just imagine some players telling him to fuck off. That’s bang out of order and in order to succeed they must have respect, worrying times.

The manager has to sort it out fast. If it means selling players, do it.

Apparently there was also ructions at half time in the Tottenham game, and it looks like they didn’t listen to him;

“There was a problem at half-time. The only thing that I could say at half-time was, ‘Guys, we resolve these problems after the match, not at half-time.’

“We have to understand that to be champions, you have to play big matches every weekend and fight. We are coming up against teams who are not scared to play football against us, who are not scared to take us on at our place, and this is becoming dangerous for Arsenal.”

I do believe he is getting some undeserved flak, if he does his best its all we can ask for, maybe the problem lies with the other players not having common respect, its one thing you are taught to have at every team you play in, be it a school team or a Sunday team. Respect your team-mates and respect your opposition, no matter what you think of them.

The names Fulham, Hull, Stoke, Sunderland and Aston Villa speak for themselves.

Gallas wants the team to be warriors and they damn well need to be, not run around like a load of wet farts, for Christ sake play for the bloody team;

“We are not brave enough in battle. I think we need to be soldiers. We have to be warriors. There are teams who can do it well against us, and we have to be able to face up to these attacks.”

Make sure they listen you you William, you might not love the club but you are on their payroll, give 100% and try your utmost to get the rest of the team to do so.

I did find this rather funny, but also rather highlighting one of our problems at the moment;

“I have to win something this year. I have to win something, Arsenal has to win something. It’s four or five years since Arsenal won anything – 2004 (the league title). That’s nearly five years, and that’s not good.”

Actually, the FA cup was won after that (2005), the players need to know the club they are playing for, they should know the history behind the badge they are wearing.

In some better news it looks like next week Eduardo will be with the rest of the squad in training. Fantastic news!

“Victoria Concordia Crescit” – victory through harmony. Lets have the harmony eh?

Til next time.


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