Why are we always in a 'crisis' and Sp*rs not? + News.

In Arsenal FC on August 30, 2008 by Highbury N5 Editor

Now, a team that loses its first choice left midfielder, one of its greatest ever players, a couple of defenders and its goalkeeper could well be considered to be in a ‘crisis’. But for Tottenham its not. Its considered ‘building a top 4 team’ for some bizarre reason!

I just don’t get it. We lost Flamini and Hleb and were all of a sudden in a crisis even though Nasri had signed! Ok, Abebayor’s future wasn’t exactly clear but does that sound like a crisis? Does is fuck!

The spuds even face losing their best player, that means their two best fucking players will probably leave, that’s what i call a crisis! And, add to that 0 points in 2 games isn’t the best of starts is it?

I know Arsenal haven’t had the best of starts but it takes the slightest thing for this club to be labeled as ‘in crisis’, i know we are not the most popular club but it is totally ridiculous sometimes. Tottenham are a media favorite, bigging them up, saying how they will break the top 4 but i really don’t think they will, they are not good enough. Ok, they beat us 5-1 last year and they played very well, but it was not our strongest team by far! and they are still going on about it!

If anyone is in a crisis, its Tottenham without a shadow of a doubt!

Now, Patrick Vieira has done a great job of pissing people off since he went for a little Italian adventure. He loves sticking his ore into Arsenal’s business and having his say; today its no different.

“This season they need to sign a midfield player, a big leader in the middle. Arsene has made good signings over the years and I hope he will find somebody right for the club.

“They may struggle at the crucial moment in the season when they need to win the big games. They have the quality and potential but lack the experience to be competitive in all of the big games.”

Now, i think if your good enough you are old enough. We have lots of experience if you look at it, Fabregas has played a lot of games, Rosicky is experienced, Toure and Gallas have experience, Van Persie has experience, CLichy has been around a while now and Sagna has played a good deal of football in France. Adebayor has been to a Champions League final as well.

So, i really do think we have a decent amount of experience. I agree with the leader part though, we really need one.

Update: We host Sheffield Utd in the Carling Cup.

Anyway, not much else today, Newcastle later;

Prediction: I think we can win this 2-1. Newcastle have had a good start to the season and a win today would make it their best ever. They have let Milner go and Obi Martins is out injured. But, Owen is hitting form. The squad is the same as Wednesday night so expect a similar team. I think Walcott will drop out the side and the midfield will be Nasri, Denilson, Fabregas, Eboue.

But, i may be wrong.

Lets just hope for a better result than last weekend!


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